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Other Lawn Care Tips and Information


Understanding Binomial Nomenclature
Binomial nomenclature, which provides plants with two Latin names, is a system of plant identification that allows botanists from different areas to accurately discuss flora. To learn how plants are named, read more about binomial nomenclature system

How to Care for and Grow Hostas
The versatile hosta, found in a number of varieties, can provide attractive ground cover in shady spots and areas where other plants can’t grow. Read more about variations and how to care for this popular plant in our overview of hostas.

How to Maintain & Care for Poinsettias
Plants, especially poinsettias, amaryllis, and Christmas cactus, are popular Christmas gifts. Many people, however, don’t know how to care for them after the holidays. Learn how to take care of amaryllis, Christmas cactus, and poinsettias.

How to Choose Roses for Your Garden
Roses can be a stunning addition to any landscape, but not every rose is right for every garden, or gardener. From hybrid tea roses to rose trees, discover which would be the best fit for your area and level of gardening expertise. Read more about selecting roses.

How to Control Squirrels: Squirrel Problems & Prevention Tips
Squirrels can be cute, but the cuteness wears off quickly when they wreak havoc on your lawn, your garden, and if they get inside, your furniture. Preventing access is typically your best recourse. Keep this pest from ruining your lawn and garden: read more about squirrels.

How to Care for Indoor Plants Through the Winter
Typically Spring-Green offers information about lawn care and how to keep your outside environment green and vibrant. Here, however, we provide instruction specifically about how to keep your indoor plants healthy. Get tips on how and when to water, fertilize, and other important aspects of indoor plant care.

How to Prepare Your Lawn & Landscape for Winter
There are several important steps you can take to ensure your lawn and landscape are ready for the next growing season. Prepare your lawn for the cold months: read more about lawn and landscape winterization.

How to Perform Lawn Mower Maintenance
Winter provides an excellent opportunity to take some simple steps that will prepare your mower for the upcoming spring and summer months. Read more about winter lawn mower maintenance.