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Lawn Diseases

Brown Patch Lawn Disease
A summer-loving turf grass disease that can ruin your lawn in short order, brown patch is the bane of those who value their lawns. Learn the cause, symptoms, and how Spring-Green’s lawn care professionals treat brown patch lawn disease.

Common Patch and Ring Lawn Diseases
The three common fungal grass diseases -- summer patch, necrotic ring spot & brown patch -- can all do a great deal of damage in a short amount of time. Read about how prevention is the best cure for these common patch and ring lawn diseases.

Dollar Spot
Dollar spot lawn disease may not initially look serious, but it kills grass to the roots and can seriously scar your yard. Read more about symptoms, treatment, and prevention methods for dollar spot.

Fairy Rings
While some regard fairy rings as a sign of good luck, they spell misfortune for those invested in their lawns. These rings of fungi can kill grass in circles ranging from three to twenty feet in diameter. Learn the steps you can take to protect your lawn from fairy rings.

Lawn Disease Prevention
Preventing lawn diseases can be far more effective and less costly than treating diseases once they’ve taken hold. Get helpful tips that can lead to effective lawn disease prevention.

Leaf Spot
Leaf spot is a warm weather disease that can cause a great deal of damage to your yard. However, when caught early, it can be effectively treated before the damage is irreversible. Read more about how to properly treat leaf spot.

Mowing and Watering
The way you mow and water your lawn can play an important role in lawn disease prevention. Learn how you can keep your lawn healthy and vibrant through proper mowing and watering.

Mushrooms themselves may be unsightly, but typically don’t cause lasting harm to your turf. The fungi that produce them, however, can be far more harmful. Learn how to keep your lawn free of fungi and mushrooms.

Necrotic Ring Spot
Necrotic ring spot can be devastating to an improperly fertilized lawn. Read about how professional lawn care services can protect your yard from necrotic ring spot.
A large part of the strategy in fighting pythium blight involves making your lawn an environment hostile to its growth. Read more about keeping your lawn healthy and free from pythium.

Red Thread Lawn Disease
Red thread lawn disease thrives in cool, wet weather. Although it is especially prevalent in the Pacific Northwest, this fast-moving disease destroys yards nationwide. Learn more about red thread.

Rust Lawn Disease
Rust spores are light enough to be carried great distances by the wind, so this fungal disease can affect even the best kept lawns. Read about rust lawn disease.

Snow Mold
The snow has finally melted, and you’re ready to show off your beautiful, well tended yard. To your horror, however, your once-green and lush grass is covered with large patches of blight. Learn how Spring-Green’s lawn care professionals combat snow mold.

Spring Dead Spot
Primarily affecting varieties of Bermuda grass, spring dead spot actually begins in the fall and is hidden by grass’s typical winter dormancy. This deadly lawn disease kills the entire plant structure, and demands preventative measures be taken. Read more about how to keep your lawn free of spring dead spot.