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Neighborhood-based Lawn and Tree Care

Founded in Naperville, Illinois, in January 1977, Spring-Green has always been a neighborhood-based lawn and tree care service company. Today our organization services over 7,500 neighborhood communities around the country.

What Your Lawn and Trees Say About You

Your neighborhood Spring-Green lawn care professional recognizes the importance of doing things the way you would, if only you had the time. We also recognize that your trees and shrubs represent the most valuable portion of your landscape and that a well maintained lawn and landscape can add up to 15% to your total home value.

Our commercial clients, including home owners associations, park districts, office complexes and industrial parks, know the value of well-kept green space. At home, at work and at play, Spring-Green lawn and tree care services have been affecting people’s lives in a positive way. Our best advertisements for over 35 years have been the very properties we care for.

A Service of Convenience and Value

Spring-Green does the work so you don’t have to. That’s what convenience is all about. Being locally owned and operated, and already servicing commercial and residential customers in your area, we are able to offer the best value and most personalized yard care programs to fit your needs and budget. Contact your nearest neighborhood Spring-Green lawn care professional today. It takes both to create a working partnership in caring for your lawn and landscape.

Higher Standards! Quality - The way you always wanted your yard to look! Service - You will receive prompt, courteous attention, with care and respect. Professionalism - You will be served the Spring-Green way by reliable, responsible and competent individuals. Value - What you get for your money makes Spring-Green your best lawn care alternative. We hold ourselves to these Higher Standards. We are proud of our contribution to the environment and the world, a contribution that begins in your own yard. 

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Find your Neighborhood Lawn Care Team