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Snow Mold: What It Is and How to Treat It

It is early spring and the snow is beginning to melt, often bringing outbreaks of Snow Mold on many lawns. Although it is not a serious disease, snow mold can leave large destroyed areas on a lawn that will take a lot longer to turn green as the weather continues to warm up. What Is Snow Mold? There are two basic types of Snow Mold – Grey and Pink – named after the color that the mycelium, or fungal growths, turn as they are exposed to sunlight. Despite its name, […]

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The #1 Lawn Care Tip for the Best Lawn in the Neighborhood


I have been asked the same question by customers, friends and relatives: “What is the secret to a nice lawn?” Many people think that it is some special fertilizer formulation or water, or even a particular species of turf grass, but the answer is fairly simple –proper mowing. How a lawn is mowed has more impact on your lawn than anything else you can do, or all the other lawn care tips you’ll read. Here’s why: The grass blade is the food producing part of the plant. The shorter you […]

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How to Control Algae in Your Lawn

learn how to control lawn algae

As I sit in my office staring out at about 12 inches of slowly melting snow, it’s nice to know that there are parts of the country where grass can be seen and lawn care has started. I recently received a picture from one of our Field Service Professionals in Opelika, AL of some algae growing in one of his lawns. Although lawn algae do not infect the grass plant, they can be a significant pest problem in home lawns. But before we get into lawn algae control, let’s understand […]

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Lawn Care Expert Harold Enger Celebrates 37 Years | Spring-Green


February 20, 1978 was the day I first started working for a lawn care company. I have been asked many times about why I started working in this industry, and I’ve always said that it was fate that enabled me to start a job that I really knew nothing about when I first started. I had worked for a couple of landscaping companies while in high school, so I was familiar with landscapes and plants, but working for a lawn care company was new to me. After graduating college and […]

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Lawn Diseases: Caring for Warm Season Grasses Like Centipede Grass

Warm Season Grasses

I recently attended the South Carolina Landscape and Turfgrass Association annual conference and tradeshow in Columbia, SC for the second year now. Since I’ve lived most of my life in northern Illinois, I always welcome the chance to learn more about warm-season grasses, and this show provides some appreciated insight. Warm Season Lawn Disease: Centipede Decline One of the presentations I attended was about warm-season grass disease. Centipede grass is grown in many home lawns throughout the South and requires less fertilizer than many other warm-season grasses—it’s also prone to […]

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How to Get Rid of Monkey Grass

The following question came in to our Ask the Expert blog, where lawn care authority and Spring-Green franchisee trainer Harold Enger fields a variety of questions. This particular individual wanted to know one thing: how to get rid of monkey grass. “I have a lot of monkey grass in my yard; do you recommend mowing to cut it back or do you recommend a trimmer? Thanks” “Mr. Morris, Thank you for submitting your question. I am not sure if you are looking to control and remove your Liriope (monkey grass) […]

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Lawn Care Tips for the Pros: Go Inside Spring-Green Lawn Care Training

Training for the lawn care pros

Every year for about the last 15 years or so, I have geared up to conduct 17 training sessions at regional locations across the US, offering lawn care tips and working with the field staff as they get ready for another year of servicing your lawns. It may be snowing in northern Illinois, but weeds are growing in the south and customers expect us to take care of them. I will be starting my lawn care training sessions in North and South Carolina, before moving on across the south to […]

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Bird Feeding 101: Using the Right Bird Seed and More

bird feeders

Let’s talk about birds; I love them and I’m passionate about feeding them. For years, I’ve put out bird feeders and have done my best to keep them filled, especially in the winter months. In the past, I’ve always purchased a premium bird seed, but I started to wonder if the mix I was purchasing was really the best for the birds that visit my feeders. I started to notice that I end up with quite a bit of seed on the ground each year. So, I asked myself, “Am […]

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Will There Be Freeze Damage to Your Lawn This Winter?

fall lawn care tips

Answering whether or not there will be freeze damage to your lawn this winter is almost impossible, since there are a few things to understand about how turf adjusts to freezing temperatures first. If your lawn has had a chance to become acclimated to the cold through a period often referred to as the “hardening-off” process, it has a much greater chance of surviving freezing temperatures. If the freeze occurs very quickly without giving the turf time to adjust, there is a greater chance that your lawn will suffer freeze […]

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How to Plan a Garden: Garden Design Tricks and Tips

Spring-Green Tips for Planning a Garden

Planting season for 2015 has started, sort of. It may seem strange to begin thinking about planting at this time of year, especially when the high temperature today won’t even reach the freezing mark, but this is the time to do so. Besides (if you live in the northern states), there really isn’t much else to do at this time of year besides going shopping, watching sports on TV, and eating leftover Christmas cookies and candy. So let’s think about how to plan a garden instead. One of the difficulties […]

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