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Fairy Rings: Everything You Need To Know!

fairy rings

I subscribe to several university newsletters that are dedicated to lawns and landscapes. This year, Ohio State University changed the format of their monthly newsletter to short news flashes about many interesting topics. The university still publishes their Buckeye Yard & Garden online newsletter, but I do enjoy reading all the brief articles on interesting weeds, insects, diseases and other oddities of nature. They recently posted a news brief about one of my favorite diseases, Fairy Ring. I always like to learn something new about this annoying, but usually not […]

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Have You Seen Any Of These Insects This Year?

insect lawn

There are three major insect pests that are just ending their current life cycle, Bagworms, and two others that are just beginning to become active, Army Worms and several grub species. Bagworms Identification Bagworms are easily recognized by the case or bag that the larva, a caterpillar, creates and suspends from a branch. In severe infestations, the larva will find just about any suitable vertical surface on which to attach their bag, including the sides of buildings. The bag is made from bits of plant material along with silk that […]

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Why Are There So Many Weeds This Year?

dandelion field

Depending on where you live in the US, weeds are out of control because there has been so much rain this year. Rain equals weeds; that is just a fact of life in lawn care. It just so happens that the number one service call for any lawn care company has to do with weeds. Some weeds are easy to control, but others can be a real challenge. There are many ways that weeds can be controlled or eliminated, but why are some weeds more difficult than others?  Weed Control: 5 […]

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20th Anniversary of Renewal and Remembrance


Spring-Green staff traveled to Arlington, VA and joined the industry’s largest day of service at Arlington National Cemetery where they serviced 624 acres. This year marked the 20th anniversary for the National Association of Landscape Professional’s annual Renewal and Remembrance Event. Industry Professionals came from all across the US where they spent the day beautifying the grounds at Arlington National Cemetery. With over 400 lawn care and landscape professionals from across the US we all joined together to spread 88.6 Acres of turf with phosphorus and aerated another 92.2 Acres of […]

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What You Should Consider Before Watering Your Lawn?

sprinkler adjustment

The Irrigation Association promotes the efficient use of water on lawns and landscapes throughout the US. They also provide training, resources and certification in sprinkler design, installation, maintenance and auditing of water usage. To maximize this effort, the association has named July as Smart Irrigation Month. July is typically the month with the highest water consumption, so it is the best time to highlight those practices that will save water. The Irrigation Association stresses 5 important strategies to save water, save money and provide better results. These strategies are: Plant right […]

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Do-It-Yourself Lawn Care | What Do I Need to Know?

do it yourself lawn care

If you have the time and proper equipment, basic lawn care is doable if you are motivated to learn and follow instructions. The first thing you have to know is the square footage of the area you will be treating. The reason that you need to know this information is so that you can purchase and apply the correct amount of fertilizer or pest control products to your lawn. The coverage area is usually included on most bags of fertilizer, but sometimes the amount needed is dependent on the type […]

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Don’t Let Drought Stress Overtake Your Lawn!

drought stress

I just came back from a training trip for one of our new franchise owners in southern Minnesota. I was amazed at the amount of drought stress I saw on lawns, especially since there has been so much rain this past spring. The franchise owner told me that they have been getting about an inch of rain a week, but still the lawns are beginning to turn brown. 2 things are contributing to the quick onset of drought stress.  It has been hot with temperatures on several days reaching well […]

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What Can Be Done About Mushrooms In Your Lawn?


What can be done about the mushrooms in my yard? This is a common question that we receive on a regular basis and usually start coming in around this time of year. This is especially true if there has been an abundance of rain followed by warm to hot temperatures. These conditions seem to make mushrooms explode in profusion in lawns and gardens. Soil has an incredible diversity of organisms that make up a system called the Soil Food Web. The organisms are trying to maintain a healthy and productive balance […]

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Watch Out! Japanese Beetles Are Now Active!

Japanese Beetle

If you live in the southern US, Japanese beetle adults have been feeding since mid-May. In the mid-section of the US, they are in full feeding frenzy. We spoke to the Spring-Green location in Franklin, TN and were told that they have seen activity for about two weeks. There is a plum tree outside their office that they use as a barometer of sorts for Japanese beetle activity. On a recent day, when the staff arrived at the office, the beetles were not seen, but at lunch, they estimated that […]

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Gray Leaf Spot: Should You Be Concerned?

gray leaf spot

Gray Leaf Spot is beginning to show activity on St. Augustine lawns in the south and southeastern parts of the country. This is an important infectious disease and can also occur on cool-season grasses, Tall Fescue and Perennial Ryegrass, although it generally shows up on those grasses later in the summer. This disease shows up on St. Augustine when the weather becomes hot and humid. It affects the turf by severely blighting and defoliating the leaves of the grass, but does not affect the roots. It is more of a […]

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