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Lawn Care Tips for the Pros: Go Inside Spring-Green Lawn Care Training

Training for the lawn care pros

Every year for about the last 15 years or so, I have geared up to conduct 17 training sessions at regional locations across the US, offering lawn care tips and working with the field staff as they get ready for another year of servicing your lawns. It may be snowing in northern Illinois, but weeds are growing in the south and customers expect us to take care of them. I will be starting my lawn care training sessions in North and South Carolina, before moving on across the south to […]

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Bird Feeding 101: Using the Right Bird Seed and More

bird feeders

Let’s talk about birds; I love them and I’m passionate about feeding them. For years, I’ve put out bird feeders and have done my best to keep them filled, especially in the winter months. In the past, I’ve always purchased a premium bird seed, but I started to wonder if the mix I was purchasing was really the best for the birds that visit my feeders. I started to notice that I end up with quite a bit of seed on the ground each year. So, I asked myself, “Am […]

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Will There Be Freeze Damage to Your Lawn This Winter?

fall lawn care tips

Answering whether or not there will be freeze damage to your lawn this winter is almost impossible, since there are a few things to understand about how turf adjusts to freezing temperatures first. If your lawn has had a chance to become acclimated to the cold through a period often referred to as the “hardening-off” process, it has a much greater chance of surviving freezing temperatures. If the freeze occurs very quickly without giving the turf time to adjust, there is a greater chance that your lawn will suffer freeze […]

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How to Plan a Garden: Garden Design Tricks and Tips

Spring-Green Tips for Planning a Garden

Planting season for 2015 has started, sort of. It may seem strange to begin thinking about planting at this time of year, especially when the high temperature today won’t even reach the freezing mark, but this is the time to do so. Besides (if you live in the northern states), there really isn’t much else to do at this time of year besides going shopping, watching sports on TV, and eating leftover Christmas cookies and candy. So let’s think about how to plan a garden instead. One of the difficulties […]

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Deer Deterrents: How to Stop Deer from Eating Your Plants

prevent deer damage

Imagine it has been your lifelong dream; a house in the country away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. A place where the air is clean, the soil is fertile, and where ”the deer and the antelope play”. It may be great to live in a forested area, but when it comes to planting flowers, shrubs, and all the other plants to beautify your home, you may not be thinking about the feeding habits of the forest creatures… namely deer. Why Are There Deer Everywhere? It is […]

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Spring-Green Volunteers at the Northern Illinois Food Bank

Spring-Green employees volunteer at Northern Illinois Food Bank

On December 15th and 17th, ten of us from the Spring-Green Support Center traveled to the Northern Illinois Food Bank in Geneva, IL to help sort food for those in need throughout 13 counties in northern Illinois. More than 425,000 people each year rely on the food that the food bank supplies, and they currently provide over 50 million meals per year. The Northern Illinois Food Bank began in 1983 and has now grown to four separate facilities that provide food to over 800 food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, and […]

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Salt on Grass and Plants: How to Prevent Salt Damage to Your Landscape

how to help prevent salt damage

To put it simply, the best way to prevent salt damage to your lawn and landscape is to not use it. Unfortunately, that is not always an option, and you can sometimes find yourself with salt on your grass and plants. There are products out there that claim not to damage grass or plants (like calcium chloride or magnesium chloride), but if you use too much, it can still cause damage. In reality, most people end up using plain old rock salt since it is generally cheaper to use. Some […]

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5 Gift Ideas for Gardeners and Lawn Lovers This Holiday

5 gifts for lawn lovers

The season of giving is upon us. It’s the time of year that we spend hours combing through online shops and visiting our favorite superstores to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones. But what do you get that gardener or lawn-lover on your list? I can assure you that I have collected a number of items over the years that have filled my garage to its capacity, but I still enjoy receiving a unique lawn accessory as a gift. Here are a few not-so-common gift ideas for the […]

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Top 5 Winter Indoor Plants: Caring for Orchids and Other Plants

poinsettia plant

Do you miss having blooming plants around your house during the cold, winter months? Here are some winter indoor plants that will brighten up your home and are great Christmas gifts for family or friends who may have a green thumb. Amaryllis The Amaryllis produces huge, colorful flowers that will last a long time. They are sold as a bulb and often come in decorative pots. It does take some effort to get them to start, but if you follow the directions that come with the plant, you should see […]

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Winter Lawn Care: Winterizing Your Lawn Mower and Other Equipment

fall leaves

The weather has been getting colder in the Chicagoland area, and I think it’s time to come to terms with the fact that winter is right around the corner. Hopefully, you have cleaned up your gardens, removed any dead plants and have things wrapped up for the winter in your own yards. Have you considered a few other winter lawn care tasks that should be completed before the snow sets in, such as winterizing your lawn mower or other gas powered equipment or cleaning off your garden tools? We often […]

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