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How to Control Mosquitoes by Reducing Standing Water

remove any standing water to help keep mosquitoes away

American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA) has designated June 21 to June 27, 2015 as National Mosquito Control Awareness Week. The AMCA is an international organization of nearly 2,000 public health professionals who are dedicated to protecting the public’s health and well-being through safe, environmentally sound mosquito control programs since 1935. The topic of how to control mosquitoes is always a popular one when summer arrives. Several municipalities have mosquito control spraying programs to help reduce mosquito populations within their boundaries. In the summer months, many homeowners contract mosquito control services […]

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Mosquitoes 101

where mosquitoes come from

Mosquitoes. They are the true pests of the summer months. Always ruining our outdoor activities with their buzzing and biting, our swatting and smacking, not to mention that smelly bug spray, gross! Why are they even around? Where do they come from and how do we get rid of them? Here’s the scoop on those irritating mosquitoes: Where do mosquitoes come from? Mosquitoes have been around for about 100 million years, surpassing humans by a landslide (we’ve only been around for 200,000 years). Mosquitoes serve as food for fish, birds, […]

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Weed Identification Guide: These Weeds Are the Worst

guide to the worst weeds

What are the worst weeds to have in your lawn? That is a difficult question to answer for the entire country, as certain weeds grow better in some areas than others. There are a few that seem to grow just about everywhere, so for now I’ll discuss them—and how to control them—in a brief weed identification guide. These are listed in no particular order, except being the ones I thought of first. 1. Wild Violet You either love them or hate them. It does have a pretty flower that can […]

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During a Drought, Check Your Sprinklers and Water Efficiently

don't let your lawn suffer from drought damage

Most of us don’t think about watering our lawns in the spring; we generally rely on Mother Nature to do that for us. If you are fortunate to have an automatic sprinkler system, you may have delayed the start up process since the lawn might look good right now. Unfortunately, that is not true across the entire country. As you can see from the most recent Drought Monitor map, the west coast and some of the east coast are experiencing very dry weather. California is experiencing abnormally dry weather to […]

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When You Should Core Aerate and Reseed Your Lawn


What Is Core Aeration? You may have heard about core aeration from a local lawn care company or have read about the procedure in gardening publications. Simply put, core aeration is a process where a machine travels across a lawn or turfgrass area and removes and then deposits plugs of soil and thatch back onto the lawn. This process opens up the lawn to provide more air, water, and nutrients to the root system of the turf. This process will help to produce a healthier lawn. It is recommended that […]

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Outdoor Ant Control: Killing Ants in the Lawn


Do you have an ant problem in your yard? The following question came from a reader through Spring-Green’s Ask the Lawn Care Expert Q & A. Read to learn how Harold suggests removing an ant problem in your yard. “Dear Lawn Care Expert, I have patches of slightly dry, yellow grass amongst healthy green grass. When I dug up one of the yellow patches, there was a large amount of ants underneath! Can the ants damage the grass roots? What chemicals can I use to best treat this problem? Thanks in […]

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Overwatering Your Lawn Can Lead to Brown Patches in the Grass

over watering causes brown patch

Many customers equate a brown spot in their lawn as the lawn needing more water, when actually the opposite is what is often required. Too much water saturates the soil, filling up all the air space between the soil particles with water. This results in an anaerobic condition; basically the plant drowns, as it does not have enough oxygen to survive. How Do Sprinkler Systems Overwater the Lawn? Having a sprinkler system is great and it allows you to water your lawn with the push of a button. Unfortunately, people […]

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Weed Control Simplified: Kill Your Weeds, Not Your Lawn

damaged lawn caused by weed control product

It’s warming up and lawns are growing once again, which unfortunately means the weeds are, too. Nothing detracts from the aesthetic beauty of a well-maintained lawn than seeing a bunch of puffball dandelions spread across it. Some people may like the bright yellow dandelions, but the flowers quickly turn into puffballs and spread seeds throughout the neighborhood. It can take as a little as a day to go from flower to puffball! When I go to the hardware store on a Saturday morning, I often see one or two Joe […]

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How to Grow Grass in Shady Areas


Does your lawn look like the picture below? Is it thin, bumpy, and looking overall just bad? Finally, are there a number of trees shading the ground underneath? Trying to grow grass in a shady area can be a challenge even for the most hardcore lawn enthusiast, let alone the weekend warrior. Follow these steps to better your chances of growing grass in the shady areas of your lawn. The first thing to understand is that there are situations where the shade is so dense that you just can’t get […]

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How to Transplant a Tree the Right Way

tips to transplanting a tree

In a past career, I worked at a tree nursery and dug many trees for transplanting. It is not an easy job, regardless of how fit you feel you are. I was fortunate to learn how to “ball and burlap” trees from some very excellent workers at the nursery, so I feel qualified to let you know how difficult it is to “ball and burlap” a tree. Before you think about how to transplant a tree from one location to another, really consider your abilities to handle such an arduous […]

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