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Yearly Archives: 2019

The Do’s and Don’ts Of Weekly Team Meetings

group meeting

We’ve all heard the meeting jokes, some funny and others not so much. “One of these days we need to hold a meeting about all these meetings we’ve been having”… “Jones thought he’d gotten widespread agreement at the last meeting when he saw all those bobbing heads, but it turns out was just everybody fighting the urge to fall asleep”… “We reached a unanimous decision at Monday’s meeting—everyone agreed that the meeting was unnecessary”… And so it goes. Why have meetings earned such a bad rap and sometimes dreaded by […]

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3 Tips to Effectively Manage Your Staff’s Projects

project management staff projects

Managing one’s own projects is a subject about which many books and articles have been written. Managing the projects of others, however, is a subject unto itself, as many small business owners will quickly learn as they begin to grow their staff. What’s the secret to managing employee projects without taking them over as your own? For most small business owners, this is a matter of combining effective employee management with basic project management principles. Depending on your own level of experience and skills at each, this can be somewhat […]

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Customer Service: Empowering Employees to Please Customers

Customer Service

Many people have an easier time defining poor customer service than they do good customer service. That is, they can’t always articulate what quality customer service is, but they could write volumes about what it isn’t. Why do you suppose that is? Has customer service become a lost art? Some people believe so. Here’s why customer service still matters for businesses and how you can empower employees to please customers. Why Customer Service Matters Your Window Is Open In any industry, a company’s front-line employees—those who interact directly with the […]

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