“Investing in your Success”

Giving Thanks and the Power of Appreciation


As we prepare to gather with our families and friends for Thanksgiving, we would like to take a moment to thank our Spring-Green family of staff members, franchise owners and vendors for their hard work and dedication. As with all companies, you are only as good as your people, and we are thankful to have several outstanding people throughout Spring-Green.

Let’s not forget to show appreciation to the people who also play a vital role in any company’s success… our customers. As our Director of Education Harold Enger states in his most recent letter to our franchise owners, people like to feel appreciated for what they do—it’s human nature.

Proper recognition lets us know that our participation was worth our time. It makes us feel good inside and can even brighten our day if it is sincere. However, sometimes that recognition can come across as shallow or robotic, leaving us wondering if the person who provided the recognition even noticed what we did or accomplished.

Genuinely Thanking Our Customers

There are many ways that we can show our appreciation to our customers. Knocking on the door and introducing yourself is a great way to begin a relationship with a customer. You should always knock on the door before doing any work on a customer’s lawn. You can do the same thing with a handwritten note.

For example, you can say, “It’s been a tough year with the rain earlier in the year then the lack of rain that we’ve had to endure the last two months. I am glad we were able to work together to keep your lawn in great shape. I look forward to helping you again next year.”

Not all customers are home when you service their lawn. Writing takes a longer time than speaking to your customer, but will pay off in the long run. You don’t have to write a long note, but say something more than just “Thanks.” Try this… “Mr. and Mrs. Williams, thank you for being our customer this past year. I have enjoyed caring for your lawn and look forward to doing the same next year.”

Letting customers know that we appreciate them and their business is critical to growth. You have probably heard this statement before about customers, but it is so true… we need them more than they need us.

Happy Thanksgiving, from all of us at Spring-Green!