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Spring-Green Welcomes Newest Franchise Owner Richelle Geiger

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Spring-Green Lawn Care is proud to announce its newest Franchise Owner, Richelle Geiger of R&M Property Services, in Dearborn Heights, MI.

Geiger is no stranger to the green industry. She started working for her father’s lawn care business when she was a teenager in high school. At first, she was simply watering and fertilizing trees, but her responsibilities grew over the years. In 2014, Geiger started R&M Property Services, to pick up where her father left off after his retirement, servicing customers in landscaping, lawn care, irrigation, and snow removal. R&M Property Services was going well for Geiger, but she was looking to expand her business.

“I was looking for another avenue to grow my business,” said Geiger. “I had reached a point where I was maintaining my customer count but not growing.” Geiger knew she needed something that would give her a competitive edge, and she believed that Spring-Green was the answer. Geiger was drawn to Spring-Green because of the core values something that she also holds as a top priority in her business. “Spring-Green is family oriented and focused on good, quality work,” said Geiger. “It just felt right.”

Geiger believes that Spring-Green’s professionalism, name recognition, and customer focus will be a driving force in moving her forward. “We’re going to give our customers the best value,” said Geiger. “We’ll provide the services we say we’re going to provide, and we’ll perform above their expectations.”

Geiger is supported by her husband of eight years and four children, ages 2 through 12.