“Investing in your Success”

Spring-Green Franchise Owners

Scott Garcia Acquires A Neighboring Spring-Green Lawn Care Location

Scott Garcia

Spring-Green Franchise Owner Scott Garcia purchased an existing Spring-Green territory in Durham, NC on Friday, May 12, 2017. Garcia began his career with Spring-Green as a manager and later purchased the franchise he managed. Since then, he expanded his Spring-Green franchise to four territories. When Garcia first bought his franchise he had 300 customers, but through his efforts he has grown his customer base to over 1,500. With this new territory expansion, he is estimated to add roughly 2,300 more customers. Garcia credits much of his success to the marketing […]

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Ryan Meinika Expands to His Third Spring-Green Lawn Care Territory

Ryan Meinika

Ryan Meinika recently expanded for a third time on October 19, 2016. David Dawson, Spring-Green’s Director of Franchise Operations at Spring-Green’s corporate office in Plainfield, IL says of Meinika, “Ryan’s commitment to the Spring-Green system has been one of the biggest contributors to his success. He also continues to keep a focus on aligning the correct marketing investments for his business’s size and desired growth. Ryan has also turned his focus over the years to building a solid Spring-Green team.” When Meinika started his first Spring-Green franchise back in 2005, he […]

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