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How Trade Shows and Local Events Can Grow Your Business

trade show events

There are so many different ways you can market your business, so when a trade show is announced in your area, you’re probably wondering: Is it really worth the time and money it takes to participate? Pre-registering for a booth is usually free, but not always, and if the trade show is in a different city you may have travel and hotel costs. Then there’s the time lost either to training staff members on how to run the booth or to manning the booth yourself. Despite the costs, however, attending […]

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8 Business Apps to Help Run Your Company On the Go

office business apps

Sometimes it feels that you have too many responsibilities to juggle as an independent lawn care, landscape or pest control business owner. And it can be days before you sit at your desk to pay vendors, organize your staff and update your accounts. Fortunately, today’s technology makes working on the road fairly quickly and simple. You can almost run your entire company from your truck with business-oriented apps. Stay on Track With These Business Apps There are many ways to help you stay on top of the paperwork while you’re […]

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5 Tips to Help Convert More Customer Leads into Sales

converting leads into sales

Did you know that your customer service is key to converting more leads into sales? Think about it: If a person who answers the phone is curt and responds to potential clients in grunts, you’ll lose out on leads. However, if your staff answers the phone with a greeting and friendly tone of voice, your chances of getting a sale increases. Answering the phone is only the first step of excellent customer service. Whether you answer the phone while you’re out on the road or you have a team member answering, you […]

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How to Start a Blog For Your Green Industry Business

How are you getting the word out about your green industry business? If you’re only using traditional methods like direct mail, print ads, yellow-pages listings, you could be missing an amazing opportunity to attract new customers through your website. If you haven’t thought about blogging, what are you waiting for? Here are just a few of the many benefits of blogging for your green industry business. Your content could… • Drive traffic to your website • Position you as an industry expert • Help your sales staff nurture new and […]

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12 Social Media Tools To Use For Your Green Industry Business

social media tools

There was a time when social media was an optional tactic for marketing your green industry business — but that time is not now. If you’re not using social media to spread the word about your business in addition to traditional marketing tactics, you’re missing out. A huge population of prospective customers is spending time online, using social media to make purchasing decisions…and if they aren’t getting information from you, they’re getting it from your competitors. If you’ve taken our advice (okay, it’s not just our advice) to go digital, congratulations! […]

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Marketing on a Budget: 10 Zero Cost Marketing Ideas

free marketing ideas

There is a lot of information related to free or low cost marketing ideas, but it’s hard to choose which one since there are hundreds of great ideas available online. The most popular types of no cost marketing strategies and tactics comes through social media and your local newspaper. Here are 10 zero cost marketing ideas to save you some money if you are on a budget: 1. Social media: Most people are online and it’s easy to learn how to use social media platforms. Figure out what channels your […]

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4 Effective and Strategic Tips for Marketing to Millennials


Millennials are now starting to buy houses and are the newest consumers to target and incorporate in your marketing strategy. While many of them would rather not have to settle on a specific location, others are planting roots and starting their families. You have a great opportunity to connect with millennial consumers and add them to your customer list. In this blog, you’ll learn valuable tips to market to the youngest generation – millennials. It’s All Digital Whether you love internet marketing or not, your millennial sales prospects are engaging […]

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Why Your Green Industry Company Needs Social Media and Traditional Marketing

social media and traditional marketing

You’ve heard that social media marketing is really important to getting more leads. Matter of fact, you’ve been influenced by ads or posts that you’ve seen on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Yet, you still really like looking at and using those coupons that appear in your customers’ mailbox. Should you do one or the other? Or should you forget about traditional marketing altogether? As advertising experts point out, your green industry business still needs both social media and traditional marketing methods. Difference between Social Media Marketing and Traditional Marketing If […]

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The Importance of Online Reviews for Lawn Care Businesses


The digital world we live in today has made it easier than ever to share what we like (and don’t like) about a product or service. It’s true for any business, including lawn care. How can you ensure that the online reviews for your green industry business are positive? What can you do if you get a negative review? Why online reviews are important If you have been quick to dismiss online reviews in the past, a statistic from a recent survey conducted by softwareadvice.com may change your mind. The […]

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Green Industry Business: 5 Marketing Tactics to Boost Sales

marketing tactics boost sales

The world of marketing for a green industry business continues to evolve. Adhering to the methods that worked even 10 years ago is no longer an effective way to keep your business going, much less boost sales. After almost 40 years Spring-Green Lawn Care has built a solid foundation, and we are constantly looking for ways to better market our services, introduce new ideas to enhance operational efficiencies and improve training to benefit our franchise owners in our quickly evolving world. Read on for our top five marketing tactics for […]

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