“Investing in your Success”

Green Industry Program

There are several reasons why becoming a Spring-Green franchise owner makes sense, but the most compelling are that Spring-Green franchise owners have the benefit of being able to leverage the collective knowledge of the entire franchise system. Having a technology platform that allows you to compare key business performance data against your goals, historical performance and your peers’ performance can be very powerful. This propels the entire organization forward at a rate we could not achieve independently. Spring-Green’s technology platform is a very critical component to the future success of the franchise organization.

Green Associate Program

Spring-Green offers the Green Associate Program to qualified candidates who currently own “Green Industry” businesses. Under the Green Associate Program we apply up to $10,000 of the initial franchise fee towards start-up expenses that we designate or approve, which may include your initial marketing campaign fee. Also as part of the Green Associate Program qualified candidates may pay a reduced royalty rate for the first lawn care season after you commence operations as a Spring-Green Franchised business.

Franchise Fee

The Spring-Green Franchise fee is $40,000. Spring-Green will finance a portion of the fee for all candidates who qualify in order to help reduce the entrance cost.


Spring-Green has developed a financing program specifically for existing green industry business owners seeking to add the Spring-Green Lawn Care franchise to their portfolio of companies. The program is designed to accommodate situations where an owner of an existing green industry business desires to start a Spring-Green franchise and is in need of a financial vehicle to “bridge the gap,” providing the liquid funds needed in order to meet the startup expenses of the franchise. This program is designed to work in conjunction with the existing Spring-Green lease programs.

The program allows for the appropriate capital to be borrowed based on the situation, and the loan/lease amount can range from $25,000 to $100,000. The loan amount and the allocation of the funds will be determined based on initial investment needs and can be used for down payments on vehicles, equipment, supply package, computer software, marketing and working capital.

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