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Spring-Green’s National Training Conference Help Those in Need

2017 National Training Conference

Spring-Green Lawn Care Corp. just completed celebrating their 40th Anniversary in business with our National Training Conference, Optimize for Success, on August 2nd through the 4th in Oak Brook, IL.  Spring-Green Franchise Owners from across the US gathered to network with fellow Franchise Owners, listen to inspiring presentations from Marty Grunder, well known landscape owner and Green Industry speaker and Jay Baer, a respected consultant on building customer relations. It was an incredible 2 and a half days of learning, laughing and reflection on business building. National Training Conference Silent […]

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Spring-Green Welcomes Newest Franchise Owner David Roman

David Roman

Spring-Green Lawn Care is proud to announce David Roman, of Enviroscapes of Georgia, is taking over the Logansville, Georgia, franchise location. Roman has a long history in the landscape industry, following in the footsteps of his father. “I’ve been in the landscape industry since I was 13 years old,” he explained. “It’s definitely something I enjoy, and it’s evolved and grown into a way to make a living.” A full service landscape company, focusing on residential maintenance and mowing, Roman started Enviroscapes of Georgia in 2012. As he explained, “Working […]

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Green Business: Legacy Planning for Your Business

legacy planning for the future

Background: Steve Hopper started in the green industry at the end of the 2004 season with a Spring-Green franchise in Cumberland County, North Carolina. Starting from scratch as a franchise owner gave the father of two daughters a unique perspective on the opportunities and assistance Spring-Green offers its franchise owners. Problem: Raised on a farm in eastern North Carolina, Hopper spent some of his 20s in that line of work, before pursuing a career in sales. But neither career felt exactly right. “My dad raised me with the idea that […]

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Love and Lawn Care: Husband and Wife Business Partners

Rodney and Heather Gaddis

For many, owning and running a business with their family is a dream. For Rodney Gaddis and his wife, Heather, that dream has been their reality for more than 25 years. Gaddis started in the lawn care industry when he was 17, eventually starting his own mowing and maintenance business in 1984. Heather joined him in his business, Gadco, based in Franklin, Tennessee, when they married in 1989. Problem: The Gaddises were interested in assistance with staying current with laws and regulations around the green industry. Additionally they had discovered […]

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3 Stages of Support for Green Businesses

important stages of support for green businesses

Every business is different, each comes in different sizes, with various needs and its own unique struggles. But no matter how your green industry business is managed or organized, there are some commonalities that all businesses, no matter the industry, experience when it comes to the support they need to achieve success. Understanding and anticipating what support is necessary, can make all the difference when it comes to the health and longevity of your green industry business. Stage 1—Get Up and Get Growing When your business is first starting, your […]

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Diversification Can Be Scary. Here’s 5 Ways to Cut Your Risk.

diversify your business through growth

As owner of a Green Industry business, you’re always facing business planning and management challenges. From managing projects to making the next sale the list can seem endless. For many, diversification holds the key. Diversification offers many benefits for Green Industry business owners, when done well. Over almost 40 years in business, Spring-Green Lawn Care’s franchise owners have shared their top list of diversification benefits that we share below. Generate reliable recurring vs project revenue No doubt the Green Industry has its ups and downs, depending on what services you offer […]

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Growth Potential in Landscaping Services

growth potential for green industry business

Whether you are just starting out as a green industry business owner or have years (even decades) of experience, knowing the trends, changes and opportunities in your sector is essential to the success of your business. The landscaping industry comprises services ranging from landscape architecture to pest control, from mowing to snow removal. These businesses generated $77 billion in revenue in 2015, which was up 3.5 percent over the five-year period starting in 2011. What do you need to know to make the most of this growth? A growing market […]

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The Underestimated Power of Networking for Green Industry Businesses

grow your business

You’ve probably heard a lot about how important networking is, but maybe you aren’t sure how or why you should do it for your green industry business? Networking isn’t just for salespeople and job seekers. In fact, networking is a great way for you to learn about new green industry products and techniques or to grow your knowledge base. It is even useful when you have a situation or a problem, and you aren’t sure what the solution is. Having a network within your industry is a valuable resource, allowing […]

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Curb Appeal Trends for Landscaping

curb appeal

If you have ever sold or bought a home, you know how important curb appeal can be. A home’s exterior condition, including the lawn and landscape, can charm neighbors and passersby or scare them away. Spring-Green Lawn Care franchise owners know how important curb appeal is. That’s why the higher standards we created for our customers include a statement about quality—“The way you always wanted your yard to look!” Lawn care experts Spring-Green customers expect our lawn care professionals to be experts in their field. Part of that expertise is […]

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Building A Future—One Family Business At A Time

future business

Background: Matt Holker, and his son, Greg, began as Spring-Green Lawn Care franchise owners in 2006. Over the past 10 years, the business has grown, taking in neighboring territories, as well as bringing Matt’s other sons, Luke and Kevin, on board. Today the family business includes three territories in Minnesota, covering Hennepin, Wright, Benton, Morrison, Sherburne and Stearns counties. Problem: Matt wanted to expand the business to be able to include his two other sons. Luke had been helping in the off-season, doing office/phone work in the evenings, while keeping […]

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