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Green Business Trends: Why We Chose to Add a Franchise

Background: Friends and business partners Steve Downin and Jeff Rocker were looking for a way to create a sustainable stream of income that would provide security and opportunity for them in retirement. Downin owned Right-of-Way-Turf-Ornamental in Columbus, Indiana, while Rocker owned a law firm, Beck Rocker PC. Problem: The two business partners had successful businesses on their own, but each was looking for more. “We wanted a supplement to the incomes created from our other businesses that would provide an almost annuity-like stream we can build on into the future,” […]

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Spring-Green Named in Lawn & Landscape’s Top 100

lawn and landscape

For 11 years in a row, Spring-Green Lawn Care has been named to Lawn & Landscape’s 2016 Top 100 List of the largest landscape companies in North America. Spring-Green was ranked 26th on the list based on 2015 revenues. The total revenue for 2015 earned by all of the companies on the Top 100 list totaled $8,445,782,868. That number represents an increase of five percent over the previous year. The Top 100 List was compiled in May and included 96 companies in 30 states and four firms in Canada. This year’s list was […]

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Legacy Planning—Are You Ready for Retirement?


  It may strike many as counterintuitive, but when it comes to starting a new business you should already be thinking about your exit plan. Whether your hope is to one day pass your business on to a family member or simply make the most profit from selling it so you can enjoy a comfortable retirement, your business is a valuable asset that can work for you when you plan properly. According to the Family Business Alliance, 80 to 90 percent of North American businesses are family enterprises, both large […]

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Labor Crisis Continues for Landscapers

hire, train, retain

The latest statistics on green businesses indicate that one of the biggest issues facing lawn care companies is employment. If it’s not finding the most qualified person for the job, it’s retaining employees in such a competitive environment. According to Lawn & Landscape, more than half (56 percent) of lawn care companies have open positions. So if you haven’t dealt with this issue yet, odds are strong you will have to at some point in the near future. Hiring qualified employees So what will you do when faced with the […]

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Green Business Tips—5 Ways to Increase the Profitability of Your Business

increase profitability

A lawn care business can be very profitable, but the secret to that success is having a mix of additional services that can be performed at the same time as a lawn application. If you want to increase your profitability, encouraging customers to add additional services will go a long way in boosting your business’s bottom line. For instance, some additional services have material costs of as little as three percent. Meanwhile your labor cost is incremental if you are already there performing a service. When you have multiple services […]

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Green Businesses Pioneer Customer Journey Management

customer satisfaction

Improving your customer experience should be top of mind for any business. But for the landscape and lawn care entrepreneur, how your customers share their business experience can be the difference between success and failure. One of the best and most cost effective ways to earn new customers comes from referrals. Providing outstanding customer experience is one of the best and easiest ways to create a positive brand experience and encourage customers to refer your services to others. Top-of-class businesses are also able to build brand advocates. Advocates share their […]

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Spring-Green Welcomes Franchise Owners Nick and Ursula Novellino


Spring-Green Lawn Care is proud to announce its newest franchise owners, Nick and Ursula Novellino of Novellino Turf Management in South Hampton Roads, Virginia. The Novellinos have more than 12 years of experience in the green industry. Their company, CNE Grounds Maintenance, Inc., provides mowing, pruning, fertilizing/weed control and snow/ice removal for a range of properties, from single family townhomes to commercial properties to apartment complexes. The couple began CNE as something for Nick to do on his days off from the local fire department. Around 2011, they were looking […]

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Green Business: Reinventing a 40-Year-Old Business


Background: After 40 years in the pest management business, Barry Robinson, of GBR Enterprises in Spotsylvania, Virginia, wanted to grow the lawn care side of his business that he had started in 2000. Problem: Robinson had plenty of experience running a successful business, but the changing marketing landscape was proving hard for the successful entrepreneur to master. Idea: For his new lawn care endeavor to grow, Robinson knew he needed help connecting with customers and getting the word out about that side of his business. Solution: Despite years of experience, […]

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Financing for Growth: Strategies for Growing Your Green Business


As a small business owner, you know that finding the financing to grow your business can be challenging. Typically whatever extra funds you have get reinvested in your existing business, leaving you little liquidity for expansion. Real world experiences Nick and Ursula Novellino, owners of Novellino Turf Management in South Hampton Roads, Virginia, knew that they wanted to expand their existing business with a Spring-Green Lawn Care franchise. What they were concerned about was securing the financing to make that dream a reality. “Nick looked and researched companies, trying to […]

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Seeking Greater Profitability? Green Industry Business Owner Achieves Triple Digit Growth.

Jason Vahle

Background: Jason Vahle, owner of Green Thumb Lawn Care n’ Landscape in St. Charles, Missouri, wanted to refocus his maintenance business on lawn care, and he hoped to make the business profitable from the start, skipping major growing pains. Problem: Jason’s maintenance company offered multiple services to keep busy and to turn a profit. “Historically I would start each year with my goal being to sell as much as I could until the end of the year,” Jason explains. Idea: Jason wanted to refocus his efforts on lawn care. However, […]

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