“Investing in your Success”

Dan Hillenbrand

“After reviewing the industry-leading marketing support provided by Spring-Green, I knew it would be the perfect strategic partnership and help accelerate my growth.”

Dan Hillenbrand
Owner of Spring-Green
Edmond, OK

Green Industry Partner



Owning a business always topped Dan Hillenbrand’s list of life goals.

“Since I was 10 years old, I’ve been thinking about what business I wanted to own and run,” Hillenbrand said.

After gaining experience in the green industry, briefly running his own business, and spending some time on the corporate side of lawn maintenance, he’s achieved that dream with Spring-Green Lawn Care.

Hillenbrand got his start in the industry while he was in the Army, working weekends with someone who taught him the ins and outs of lawn maintenance. After leaving the military, he went to college and started his own maintenance company.

He managed that company for five years before selling it, then worked at a few different small lawn maintenance companies, as well as a Colorado-based Scott’s Lawn Service franchise. In 2007, he moved back to Oklahoma City, where he eventually landed at Scott’s corporate, where he worked his way through the ranks.

When TruGreen purchased Scott’s in late 2016, Hillenbrand started to rethink his future with the company. That led to a conversation with Spring-Green…which took an unexpected turn.

Hillenbrand learned about the franchise opportunity after applying for a business consultant position with Spring-Green. It piqued his interest. When he found out a local Spring-Green franchise owner in the Edmond Oklahoma area was willing to sell, Hillenbrand knew it was the right business move for him.

Learn how Spring-Green put Dan on the path of growth by viewing Dan Hillenbrands’s video or reading his profile.

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