“Investing in your Success”

Frank Garrett

“It would have taken me five years to get where I got in just one year with Spring-Green.”

Frank Garrett
Owner of Federal Pest Solutions and Spring-Green
Pilot Point, TX

Green Industry Partner




Frank Garrett, owner of Federal Pest Solutions in North Texas, was expecting to be strong-armed when he first began talking to Spring-Green about becoming a franchise owner. “When I first started the investigation process, I honestly expected at the end of the first conversation to get off the phone and for the Spring-Green person to say, ‘Sign on the dotted line.’”

But Garrett quickly learned that first conversation was only the beginning. Spring-Green was as thorough about checking out Garrett’s business as he was about investigating them.

“I got on the Internet and started looking at all the different lawn care franchises out there,” he recalled. “Spring-Green wasn’t looking to add hundreds of franchisees, they were looking for quality,” he explained. “And I was in an interview. They needed to know I was a good fit for them like I needed to know they fit me.”

Garrett was impressed also with the level of support and information that Spring-Green offered him, particularly the robust technology platform that centralizes data, providing him the benefit of the collective knowledge of the entire franchise system. “They take the mistakes out, and they’ve got the knowledge,” he said. “They know what to market. They know what works, and they’ve got a great idea to get you up and going.” He estimated that the progress he made with Spring-Green in the first two years would have taken him five to seven years on his own.

Not only has Garrett’s Spring-Green business grown, but it has benefited his other company—Federal Pest Solutions—as well. “I see the Spring-Green business helping Federal Pest grow, even outgrowing the pest control business.”

Spring-Green offers the same high level of support and insider marketing know-how to all its franchise owners. Learn more about Frank Garrett’s experience through his video or read his profile, and begin discovering if Spring-Green is the right fit for your business future.

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