“Investing in your Success”

Owner Profiles

Don’t take it from us. Hear it from existing Spring-Green owners instead.

The benefits that come with starting a lawn care business with Spring-Green Lawn Care are perhaps best left explained by the entrepreneurs and green industry business owners who have realized them. Visit each owner’s summary below, identify with the owners who might be similar to you, watch the videos and download their full profiles. Learn from their experiences and discover how a Spring-Green franchise can help you achieve your goals and dreams.

Green Industry Partner

Steve Downin & Jeff Rocker

Owner of Right-of-Way-Turf-Ornamental and Spring-Green
Columbus, IN

Steve Downin’s lawn care roots run deep in the industry, first for his father’s lawn maintenance company and later growing his own company, Right-of-Way-Turf-Ornamental. He, along with business partner Jeff Rocker, weren’t even thinking about diversifying when Spring-Green first reached out several years ago.

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Green Industry Partner

Chris Casselberry

Owner of GreenSeasons and Spring-Green
Baton Rouge, LA

The Casselberrys, with their four sons, wanted to continue to grow in the lucrative lawn and tree care residential market. They just didn’t know exactly how to do it. After evaluating the options, they added a Spring-Green franchise partnership to their existing $8 million company.

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