“Investing in your Success”

Initial Start-up Support

TrainingNobody ever said starting a new business would be easy. That is why Spring-Green invests in your success by providing you with initial startup support. There are many facets of a lawn and tree care business that you need to learn during the first few years and not all of them have to do with lawn and trees. Think of your support team as your personal trainers.

They will work on the areas that are most critical to the success of your business, and they never give up. As you leave your initial training program a member of the support team will follow you home and begin your in-field training, helping with staff development, computer support and in-field marketing support. You can expect daily communication, conference calls with your peers and multiple field visits your first and second year.

What types of support will franchise owners receive?

  • Annual business planning
  • Access to our support center and business consultants
  • Assistance from marketing and education departments
  • Access and usage to Spring-Greens proprietary tools
  • Access to preferred vendors for material services
  • In-person support
  • Professional Development Seminars
  • Regional, National and Peer Group Meetings
  • Online support and training

Learn more about Spring-Green’s Ongoing Support.