“Investing in your Success”

Starting Your Lawn Care Business: Ongoing Support

Once you have started your lawn care or landscaping business, there is a shift in focus. Your concerns transition from simply getting customers and getting the work done to engaging in lawn care marketing and other franchise business opportunities. In short, you’ll be focused on building a winning Spring-Green team and managing the business for growth and profitability.

Ongoing support is provided in the following areas:

Hiring and staff development – Beyond starting your new lawn care business, building and coaching a winning Spring-Green team can be a critical part of your long term success and your ticket to achieving your lifestyle goals. As entrepreneurs, leadership may come naturally, but creating the proper structure with checks and balances along the way will help ensure your growth does not stall because of the potential loss of one or more critical employees. This can be the difference between spending that month in the Caribbean or having to step back into the business to keep it running (or anywhere in between).

Technology support – Times continue to change and the rapid infusion of technology into our business can be challenging to keep up with. We are a technology savvy organization, so we must provide continuous support in this area to bolster our lawn care marketing and other efforts. Ongoing support comes in the form of using our business software to extract the data we need to make intelligent decisions, as well as using our web-based financial performance reporting tools, marketing selection tools, and marketing analysis tools.

Financial support – Moving from purchasing a few bags of fertilizer at a time to determining when to by a truckload may sound simple. However,everything impacts your bottom line and you need a partner to advise you on cash flow and on the value of taking discounts versus leveraging your credit. It is safe to say that at different times in the life of your business, your decisions may need to be different. Spring-Green’s operational support representatives are there to help guide you in your decision making by providing information, examples, and often comparison data from your peers to help you along the way.

Agronomic support – After starting a lawn care business and operating it for a full year, it is likely you will have learned the majority of what you need to know in order to identify weeds and treat lawn diseases. However, as your business grows, you will look for other franchise business opportunities, such as continuing to expand your range of services to both your current and prospective customers. Both you and your staff will need ongoing agronomic training. This support will come from a mix of onsite visits, webinars hosted by our strategic vendors or staff, regional meetings, national conferences, and Professional Development Seminars that focus on team building, integrated pest management, sales, and more.

Equipment support – As the business grows you, will naturally look for ways to improve your productivity and profitability. Equipment can play very heavily into that decision making and it is not always the best option to simply outfit another production vehicle or just purchase another piece of equipment. As a franchise owner, you will have direct access to an equipment specialist who can help make recommendations on a variety of new and field tested equipment. Your dedicated Business Consultant can help you pencil out the needed ROI to make such an investment. We also maintain a rapid response parts delivery program and a library of informational videos on how to properly maintain and refurbish your equipment.

Marketing support – Acquiring new customers in local markets through cost effective marketing programs is priority #1. Our industry-leading business and marketing intelligence will allow you to select and analyze the best options for you… but marketing does not stop there. Following the spring acquisition season, the focus turns to selling additional services to existing customers. These additional services can be very profitable and often performed at the same time a lawn application visit is scheduled. Throughout the year, we have several key touch points with the customer and want to make sure we properly time and utilize each one, building on our relationship.