“Investing in your Success”

Support Center

We provide and help franchise owners implement a profitable success system that enables them to achieve their goals and dreams.

Spring-Green Lawn Care focuses on innovation and reinvesting in its franchisees. One way the company does this is by providing industry-leading business and marketing intelligence. We have a centralized database with relevant and timely data, which allows our franchise owners to monitor their business intelligence in areas like production and sales. We also offer proprietary tools for marketing selection and analysis so franchise owners can view and analyze all of their current and prospective customer demographics, select their mailing lists and promotional offers and send this information directly to the printer for timed- or event-driven distribution. A national call center supports both inbound and outbound calling services during peak times of the year. This gives franchisees the opportunity to focus on their team and customer experiences. It’s important for us to drive sales for our franchise owners so they can be focused on servicing the customer. Our national marketing programs influence over 70% of the total sales for our franchise owners.

Spring-Green’s Wheel of Support provide a great visual for the depth of the support we provide all of our franchisees.