“Investing in your Success”

Why Spring-Green?

Since 1977, Spring-Green Lawn Care has been attracting entrepreneurs and green industry professionals seeking to control their destiny, create a more flexible lifestyle and build financial security for themselves and their families by starting a lawn care business or purchasing another lawn business for sale. Spring-Green’s conservative approach to starting up a new franchise has always put great emphasis on keeping the initial investment at a minimum focusing on growth in customers through a strong return on the ongoing marketing investment. In recent years, we have introduced several programs that you may identify with as you explore the Spring-Green lawn care franchise opportunity.

There are several reasons why becoming a Spring-Green lawn care franchise owner makes sense, but the most compelling is Spring-Green franchise owners have the benefit of being able to leverage the collective knowledge of the entire franchise system. Starting a lawn care business in our system means having a technology platform that allows you to compare key business performance data against your goals, historical performance and your peers’ performance, which can be very powerful. This propels the entire organization forward at a rate we could not achieve independently. Spring-Green’s technology platform is a very critical component of the future success of the franchise organization. Here are a few of the tools we support to help franchise owners better navigate their businesses:

  • Improved Operational Efficiency
  • More Powerful Buying Power
  • Business Diversification
  • Collective Knowledge
  • Industry-Leading Marketing & Technology
  • Exit Strategy and Business Planning