“Investing in your Success”

Industry-Leading Marketing & Technology

My business grew by over 30% this spring and, with the weather pressure and increased demands on getting the work done, my focus had to be in the field. Knowing the call center was able to represent my business in a professional manner is a testament to Spring-Green’s commitment to its owners.

- Ryan Meinika—Fort Wayne, Indiana franchise owner

Spring-Green’s industry-leading marketing programs drive over 70% of all new customers each year. Franchise owners take advantage of the national call center and mobile app to close sales allowing them to focus on production and customer service. In addition to the tools Spring-Green provides, franchise owners have the benefit of being able to leverage the collective knowledge of the entire franchise system. Having a technology platform that allows you to compare key business performance data against your goals, historical performance and your peers’ performance can be very powerful. This propels the entire organization forward at a rate we could not achieve independently. Spring-Green’s technology platform is a very critical component to the future success of the franchise organization. Here are a few of the tools we support to help franchise owners better navigate their businesses:

Financial Performance Reporting

Spring-Green has designed a franchise interface that presents your business intelligence in a dashboard style view. It allows you to monitor your key performance indicators (KPI’s) on a daily basis compared to goals, historicals and your peers. This tool can be used to reproject your business production, sales and cancel goals at any time of the year.

Marketing Selection and Analysis Tools

Spring-Green offers a suite of highly sophisticated and cost effective direct marketing programs.  Franchise owners can view and analyze all of their current and prospective customer demographics, select their mailing lists and promotional offers and send this information directly to the printer for timed or event driven distribution.  Of course measuring your marketing activities is critical. With our technology platform we provide you access to monitor these campaigns in real time.

Additional Service Sales

When it comes to selling additional services to existing customers, we have developed tools that automate the process, keeping the franchise owner focused on servicing the customer.  This can be executed on your behalf through email, postcards, invoices messages, informational inserts and phone calls.

National Call Center

To maximize our marketing efforts Spring-Green supports a national call center with both inbound and outbound calling.  This allows franchise owners to be focused on running their business.  Many franchise owners utilize the national call center to reduce overhead during peak times of the year.

The World Wide Web

It does not seem so big anymore but maybe that is because we got started so long ago and continue to reinvest every year.  Today, it is not just about being on the web it is about making sure you are seen on the web and that takes a full time commitment.  We provide franchise owners with:

  • Set up and ongoing optimization of franchise owners web pages
  • Set up and ongoing optimization of local directory business listings
  • Web analytics showing site traffic, click through rates conversion data and more
  • Management of localized paid ad word campaigns driving leads back to the local market
  • Management of an online shopping cart where customers who receive an offer in the mail can personalize their programs, sign up and pay online.