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Brown Patch Lawn Disease

Brown patch lawn disease is one of the most destructive of all turf grass diseases. It sneaks up on you and destroys large areas of turf virtually overnight.

Common Patch and Ring Lawn Diseases

Lawn diseases are always in the wings, just waiting for a weak moment to attack your grass.

Dollar Spot

Dollar spot doesn’t look very serious individually so it’s easy to underestimate the damage potential. Dollar spot lawn disease kills the turf clear to the roots, causing serious damage.

Fairy Rings

It has been said that Fairy Rings are the sign of good luck and fortune. To the homeowner who has been plagued with the Fairy Ring lawn disease, however, their good luck is often the last thought on their minds.

How to Identify Slime Mold on Grass

Slime Molds are saprophytes, or organisms that obtain their food from dead or decaying organic matter. Learn how to best handle this lawn disease.

Lawn Disease Prevention

If you’ve ever seen a lawn nearly destroyed by disease, you know how devastating these unfriendly parasites can be to a beautiful lawn.

Leaf Spot

Leaf spot and melting-out are the common names given to a large number of lawn diseases caused by the same family of fungi.

Mowing and Watering

Your lawn gets put through a lot. Weeds invade it, insects chew it, and heat shrivels it. But nothing is as hard to tame as fungus lawn diseases on the loose.


There are a lot of fungus varieties that can cause problems in turf grass. Mushrooms are among the most visible but least harmful of lawn fungi.

Necrotic Ring Spot

This type of lawn disease can be severe on Kentucky bluegrass and bentgrass, and also takes a stab at ryegrass, red fescue, tall fescue and Chewings fescue.


The first signs of Pythium lawn disease are usually small patches of turf that look water-soaked and dark or purplish in color.

Red Thread Lawn Disease

Red thread (also known as pink patch) is one of the easiest lawn diseases to spot because it sports a distinctive pinkish red coloration.

Rust Lawn Disease

Have you ever walked through your lawn and noticed a slight orange or reddish-brown tinge across patches of your grass that look like rust? Crazy as it sounds, it might actually have been rust.

Snow Mold

Snow Mold lawn disease can infect most all types of grasses that must endure a period of freezing temperatures and snow cover.

Spring Dead Spot

Nearly all Bermuda grass varieties are affected by spring dead spot, especially in the cooler parts of the transition zone.