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Professional lawn services from Spring-Green offer total care for your lawn, trees and shrubs. Whether you need help with lawn repair or with weed control, we offer the enhanced service and expertise to take your lawn care to the next level.

Find a Spring-Green near you, or learn more about the types of lawn services we offer at locations around the nation.

Why Choose Spring-Green Lawn Services?

Spring-Green Lawn ServicesWith locations in neighborhoods throughout the United States, Spring-Green provides professional lawn services with a difference. We care about the overall health of your turf grass and lawn, and our customized lawn services aren't afraid to dig deep to ensure you're getting the best performance of your yard that you can.

Spring-Green offers lawn services with higher standards. We know that a consistent, high-quality maintenance plan is key for optimum health and growth. We base our lawn services on the unique characteristics of your region's climate and growing conditions. And we regularly check for signs of insects and diseases. If treatment or lawn repair services are needed, we can handle that too.

We want you to be happy with our lawn services. We encourage your questions and feedback, and if for any reason you aren't satisfied with a particular application, we offer a guarantee to all full program customers. And although Spring-Green lawn services are designed to handle the maintenance worries for you, our lawn service professionals are also always available to give tips and advice. Working together with you, Spring-Green lawn services can keep your grass growing strong for years to come.

Consistent Yard Care is Key

total lawn care servicesAt Spring-Green, we not only adjust our lawn services to the region of the United States you live in, but we also adjust them to the time of year as well. From early spring to late fall, we offer total lawn services throughout the growing season. We know from experience that a consistent lawn service plan will make all the difference in the world both in the overall appearance of your yard, but also in its ability to resist disease and infestation.

From insect controls to fertilizing care, our lawn services are carefully planned to give your yard the specific treatments they demand throughout the year. Just as insects and climate will vary from spring to fall, so do our customized lawn services. Don't settle for professional lawn care services with a cookie cutter approach. Trust Spring-Green to provide the customized assistance and support you need throughout the year. We promise you'll notice the difference in the overall health and resilience of your lawn--guaranteed.

More than Just Basic Lawn Services

professional lawn careWhile fertilizing and weed control are among our most popular lawn services, Spring-Green provides a wide range of beneficial services that help improve the overall quality and health of your yard--trees and shrubs included.

The variety of integrated lawn services at Spring-Green include core aeration, lawn repair treatment for insects and diseases, lime treatments, and assistance with lawn renovation and seeding.

We also offer professional shrub and tree care programs. Our deep root feeding programs are perfect for fertilizing trees and shrubs, and can also provide specialty tree trunk injections that include nutrients as well as fungicides and insecticides. We also offer insect control and leaf disease treatments as well.

Our additional yard services specialize in weed control for ornamental beds, plus dedicated control methods for fire ants, ticks, fleas, and perimeter pests.

Lawn Repair

If your turf has been the recent victim of disease, infestation, or any other type of troublesome malady, Spring-Green also provides complete lawn repair services. Typical lawn repair methods can encompass everything from case-specific disease and insect control methods to core aeration and seeding.

When seeding a new lawn, sometimes complete lawn renovation is required. Spring-Green also specializes in lawn renovation services for areas that demand a complete rebuild. We offer several different renovation options that include cutting away old sod, de-thatching and reseeding, or slice-seeding.

Spring-Green: Your Lawn Services Partner

For over 35 years, Spring-Green has been providing dedicated lawn services to happy customers all across the United States. From tree and shrub care to other yard services such as weed prevention, core aeration and more, we offer the customized expertise you need to take your lawn care to the next level.

To learn more or set up a free evaluation, please contact your neighborhood Spring-Green lawn care service today!