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Lime Treatments


The soil in many areas has an acid tendency. The availability of nutrients to the grass plant is affected by the level of soil acidity (measured in terms of pH). Liming your lawn corrects the acidity level in your lawn (raise pH) and gives you a better lawn.

Two key factors influencing effective weed control:
• The fertilizer we apply becomes more available to your grass.
• Fewer weeds because many weeds grow best in acid soils.
• Thatch build-up is reduced by correcting the acidity level of your soil.
• Root development of your grass is enhanced

Spring-Green uses a quality limestone material which will bring your soil's acidity to levels advantageous for growing grass. Learn more about our professional yard and lawn care services and find out what you can do to help maintain your lawn's health when you look over our lawn care tips.

Schedule a lime treatment or other lawn service by contacting your neighborhood Spring-Green lawn care professional today. Listen to our lime podcast below for a further look into growing healthy grass.