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Seeding A Lawn

What are the important things to keep in mind when seeding a lawn? When can you easily perform lawn seeding yourself, and when should you hire professional yard services for assistance?

These are all good questions, and at Spring-Green, we have the advice, tips and answers you're looking for about overseeding a lawn and more.

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Spring-Green is your source for all lawn care advice, tips, definitions and information. Find all you need to know about seeding a lawn today.

Seeding a Lawn with Spring-GreenLawn Seeding

Anybody who takes pride in their yard work strives for a lush, thick, almost carpet-like quality in their lawn. Indeed, a thick lawn not only looks like nicer, but it helps to regulate many factors that could possibly cause harm to your lawn by maintaining ideal hydration and creating a density that prevents weeds from taking root. Your neighborhood Spring-Green lawn service has the know-how to keep your lawn thick and healthy.

Like correcting any problem, the best place to start is by figuring out what is causing the problem in the first place. In our experience, thin or discolored spots on the lawn are usually caused by the basic effects of weather, insects, or disease. You may even be seeing a combination of these things already. You can take measures to control the damage wrought by these three factors, but getting your lawn growing evenly again is likely going to require some lawn seeding.

Before we dig deeper into techniques for seeding a lawn, there are three main points to remember that will serve you well in all of your lawn seeding endeavors.

  • Always use good seed. Junk food is not got for you, and it's not good for seeding a lawn either. High-quality lawns start with high-quality seed.
  • Make sure the seed has good contact with the ground. If you want seed to take root, you've got to make sure its got ground to grow into.
  • Seeds need water. Just like humans, seeds need a good amount of water to grow strong and healthy.

If you keep those three lawn seeding pointers in mind, you'll likely see positive results whenever you are seeding a lawn.

lawn seeding tipsSeeding a Lawn: The Breakdown

The type of lawn seeding technique you'll want to use will often depend on the nature of the problem. Some lawns just have a few select patches that need lawn seeding. Some lawns are just thinand could use lawn seeding to help thicken the overall grass density. And some lawns...well...some lawns are so badly damaged that a total lawn renovation may be required. Let's take a look at what goes into the different techniques of seeding a lawn.

Spot Seeding - For quick touch ups in high traffic areas like footpaths or sidewalk/driveway edges, seeding a lawn by spot seeding is an ideal technique. Before seeding a lawn, however, make sure the damaged area has not been caused by yard pests. Lawn seeding only encourages pests and does little to fix bald spots on your lawn. If the spots are not caused by pests, then spot seed by breaking the surface of the turf with a rake or hoe. Then apply the seed to the soil and rake it in. Finally, tamp the area back down. In addition to lawn seeding, you may want to mulch with a thin layer of straw.

Overseeding - Another technique for seeding a lawn is known as overseeding. A lawn that could use denser growth in general can benefit from overseeding. When overseeding a lawn, you'll want to scatter the seed over a large area to encourage a wider range of growth. With a complement of lawn aeration, overseeding a lawn could have you seeing results very quickly. Be warned, however, heavy thatch can negate the effects of overseeding a lawn as it prevents proper penetration of the seed. If you are uncertain about your ability to overseed your lawn, your friendly neighborhood Spring Green lawn service can perform this service for you.

Lawn Renovation - If more than half of your lawn is damaged, overtaken by excess thatch, or very thin, you may want to consider lawn renovation. Lawn renovation, as a lawn seeding technique, can be done in several ways:

  • you can use a sod cutter to remove the damaged sod;
  • you can remove the thatch and proceed with lawn seeding; or
  • you can try slice seeding, which is often the best solution because it cuts through the thatch layer and pushes the seed into the soil.

Help with Overseeding a LawnReminder: When seeding a lawn, you should remember to change your watering habits, as the amount of water and the timing of watering are important to seed growth. You may have been watering your established lawn early in the day and saturating the ground. After seeding a lawn, however, you'll want to start watering those newly-seeded areas lightly and frequently until the seedlings reach the 1" mark. Too much water too soon can rot the seed or even wash it way altogether.

Lawn Seeding: Today and Tomorrow

Seeding a lawn is about more than just touching up the yard. You take pride in your yard and see it as an extension of your home. Seeding a lawn can sometimes be a simple solution to give your lawn the same attention you would give your home, making it a special place to be with your family. More importantly, seeding a lawn lets your family know you think your home is a special place.

If you're considering seeding a lawn, but aren't sure which approach will be the most beneficial, please feel free to contact your neighborhood Spring-Green lawn service today. Let us put our lawn seeding experience to work for you to help make the best professional recommendations. We can provide assistance with overseeding a lawn, or direct you to appropriate resources should a more aggressive plan for lawn seeding be required.

To learn more or set up a free evaluation, please contact your neighborhood Spring-Green lawn care service today!