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If you're looking for reliable yard services, you've come to the right place. From lawn treatment services to shrub and tree care, Spring-Green is known for doing yard care just the way you would, if only you had the time.

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Spring-Green Yard ServicesWhy Are Yard Services from Spring-Green Better?

When most people think of their yards, they usually just think about the grass. Sure, that may be the most noticeable part of your yard, but trees, shrubs, soil, water, air, seeds and more also play an integral role in your yard's health and appearance. As such, there is a significant variety of lawn treatment services that go into creating a total yard services solution.

On this page, you will find short menu of the yard and lawn treatment services that Spring-Green provides.

Lawn Treatment Services

When it comes to yard services, the first (and most noticeable) place to begin is with lawn treatment services. Your lawn is what gets most of your yard's attention. And if you want a real attention-getting lawn, check out these yard services from Spring-Green.

  • Lawn Fertilizing & Weed Control - As far as lawn treatment services go, nothing gives you more bang for your buck than fertilizing. Of course, making sure you have the ideal fertilizer blend that feeds your lawn, but not the weeds, can be tricky. Luckily for you, this is an area of expertise for Spring-Green.

  • Lawn Aeration - Second to fertilizing, lawn aeration is the best lawn treatment procedure you can undertake. Lawn aeration reduces thatch and creates a direct path for all the things your lawn's roots just love, like: air, water, and fertilizer.

  • Insect & Disease Control - Your lawn has predators in the form of insects and disease. From ants and chinch bugs to brown patch and red thread lawn diseases, your lawn needs all the preventive and curative help it can get. No yard services program is complete without insect and disease control components.

  • Lime Treatments - To control your yard's acidity (or pH) levels for optimum growth and green, lime treatment is an essential lawn treatment. For great grass and fewer weeds, trust in the power of lime.

  • Lawn Seeding - To ensure your lawn is growing evenly and optimally, you'll want yard services that include a variety of lawn seeding options from spot seeding, to overseeding, to lawn renovation.

Shrub & Tree Care

After lawn treatment services, a good yard services plan will determine what measures can be taken to encourage better health in your shrubs and trees.

  • Tree Fertilizing & Root Feeding - Going beyond the lawn, proper tree fertilization and deep root feeding should be on your yard services checklist. For those who have more ambitious landscaping, the importance of fertilizing trees and shrubs cannot be overstated.

  • Insect & Disease Control - Just like they love your lawn, insects and diseases are perfectly content to destroy your trees and shrubs as well. And like they do for your lawn, Spring-Green, provides different preventive and curative procedures.

  • Specialty Injections - If you've got some pretty tall trees in your yard--we're talkin' 20+ feet tall--you'll want to take extra measures to make sure these elders of your yard stay healthy and strong. Specialty tree trunk injections from Spring-Green provide important nutrients for fertilizing trees as well as fungicides for resisting disease.

Other Yard Services

All the yard services in the world won't amount to a hill of beans if you can't get a handle on certain pests and weeds. Fear not, Spring-Green has a menu of yard servicessolutions aimed at ridding your yard of biting insects and perimeter pests.

  • Perimeter Pest Control - Inevitably insects and other pests will make their way into your lawn. To prevent them from making their way into your home, however, perimeter pest control from Spring-Green creates an invisible barrier that wipes out any would be insect intruders on contact.

  • Fire Ant Control - Fire ants in your yard can pose legitimate concerns regarding children and elderly. If you are concerned about fire ants, Spring-Green offers yard services to address those concerns.

  • Flea & Tick Control - To humans and pets alike, fleas and ticks can pose health problems. They sometimes hang out in your yard and jump on the opportunity to get to know you better. Control fleas and ticks with yard services from Spring-Green.

  • Ornamental Bed Weed Control - If you are considering ornamental beds for your landscape, Spring-Green can help you keep them looking sharp and negate tedious hand-weeding. Through pre- and post-emergent control, we offer yard services to control weeds without disrupting your established shrubs and ornamentals.

Total Yard Services

At Spring-Green, we'll come out to visit your home and discuss all of your lawn treatment options, giving you the tools and knowledge you need to achieve the landscape you've always wanted. That's the benefit of total yard services from Spring-Green.

To learn more or set up a free evaluation, please contact your neighborhood Spring-Green lawn care service today!