Active Grubs in December in Green Bay, WI!

Active Grubs

Whether it is due to global warming, El Niño or it is just one of those years when it stays “warm into December,” I received a picture of a lawn with what looks like active grubs in it from the Spring-Green office in Green Bay, WI.  Rick Byers, Assistant Manager for the office sent these pictures in with the heading “December 8 and grubs still active.” They may be present, but I am not sure how much feeding they are doing.

Many grubs dig deeper into the soil when the temperature drops below 50 degrees F. Japanese beetles start to wiggle deeper into the soil when the temperature drops below 59 degrees F. If temperatures stay warm, grub damage may occur.

As you can see from the picture, the bigger problem with the lawn is the damage caused by either raccoon’s, skunks or opossums digging up the lawn looking for a tasty meal.  The grubs may be slowing down and not eating very much, but that just makes it easier for those critters to grab a meal.

The grubs may be present, but applying a control product may not be very effective as the grubs have to ingest the product in order to be controlled. The bigger challenge for the home owner will be repairing their lawn. The best thing to do is push down as much of the turf that was dug up and dormant seed the lawn. Even if nothing were to be done, the lawn would eventually recover on its own. Reseeding should help the lawn look better and faster in the spring.

Insects are amazing creatures and they have the ability to adapt to a wide range of environmental conditions. There are over a million species of insects on earth, but fortunately for the average home lawn, there are only about 3 or 4 different insects that have the potential to do serious damage. If populations are high enough, even one species of insect can cause extensive damage. It is one of the many battles that we in lawn care fight every year.

If your lawn has active grubs that are causing your lawn problems, contact your local Spring-Green professional today!