The Best Winter Flowering Options for You

For many parts of the country, February can be a trying time. The sky is gray, the ground is a sea of slush, and spring can’t come soon enough. But imagine being able to look out your window and see some bright pops of color—brilliant oranges, sunny yellows, resplendent purples and pinks. While it might not have the same power to shake off those winter blues as, say, a Netflix binge followed by ice cream-induced hibernation, every little bit helps. Depending on where you live, there are a number of winter flowering plants you can use to brighten up your winter (yes, even you Midwesterners).

Where could your yard use some color infusion right now? Map out your winter flowering landscape with some of these suggestions, based on the Zone you live in:

hardiness chart

Witch Hazel

winter flowering plants witch hazel

Honestly, do you need to know anything more besides the name? It evokes a feeling of being enraptured, spellbound. And with its unparalleled red and yellow flower bursts, that’s exactly what it delivers. Give it plenty of room, as witch hazel can grow 15 feet wide. Pro tip: Plant witch hazel against a backdrop of brick or evergreens, to really take advantage of its color. This winter flowering plant can live in Zones 3 and 4, but does best in Zones 5-8.


snowdropps winter flowering plants

These early bloomers will poke through the snow, paving the way for a dramatic and visually interesting spring. Since the flowers are a little on the small side, you’ll probably want to plant a fair number to really make a statement. Bonus: Deer and rodents don’t seem to have a taste for these plants, so you should be able to keep them all to yourself! Suitable for Zones 2-9.

Christmas Rose

Christmas rose winter flowering plants

Give these beauties shade or let the sun warm them through a large overhanging tree. They grow tall and blossom from late December (hence, the name) through early spring. The perfect accent to your other holiday decorations! Great for Zones 4-8.


daphne winter flowering plants

Straight out of Greek mythology come these beautiful flowering plants, which not only look fantastic but smell lovely, as well. Great for Zones 7-9.

Sweet Box

sweet box winter flowering plants

This species of evergreen flowers in late winter, and casts a delightful fragrance. It can grow up to 5 feet tall and just as wide, so make sure to account for space. Check with your local nursery to be sure you get the right form, but this winter flowering plant should do just fine in Zones 6-9.

Winter Heath

winter heath winter flowering plants

If you want striking colors, look no further than winter heath. One of the first to bloom over the winter, it offers vivid displays of small, bell-shaped purple-pink flowers. And it thrives in Zones 5-7, so you can plant it from Idaho to Michigan, New York to Nebraska.


winterberry winter flowering plants

Winterberry will reward you with bright red berries, usually through midwinter. It’s a tough, hardy plant and can grow in a variety of environments. Size will vary based on the particular variety you get. Ideal for Zones 3-9.

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