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Brown Lawn – Mowing Tips to Avoid Brown Grass

brown lawn

Over the last 40 years of working in the lawn care industry I have heard the question, “Why is my lawn turning brown?” Some of the similar questions that I have received include, “Why does my yard have lawn disease and my neighbor’s lawn doesn’t have any, and they were installed at the same time?” or “Why are there insects feeding on my lawn and not my neighbor’s, and they don’t have lawn care service?” All of these questions are difficult to answer, but there are tips to help create a healthy lawn. […]

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Control And Treat Damaging Grubs On Your Lawn


Going to the hardware store on the weekend is something many homeowners do, especially in the spring. People stock up on fertilizers, weed control products as well as controlling insect pests in and around the home, and in landscape, gardens and lawns. In regards to insects, it is estimated that there are over 1 million identified species of insects and probably several times that number is yet to be discovered. Fortunately, there are only about 2 dozen species of insects that feed on lawns. It is hard to say which […]

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Leaf Spot: Why Does My Lawn Have This Disease?

leaf spot

Saying a lawn has leaf spot is somewhat like saying that a person has the common cold. Just about everyone gets the sniffles at some time in their lifetime and just about every lawn will develop leaf spot. Just like with the common cold, leaf spot is usually a minor occurrence. Sometimes the common cold will develop into something as severe as pneumonia and leaf spot may become so severe that a large part of a lawn can die off. Melting Out Leaf Spot may progress into a condition called […]

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Fall Armyworm Alert


The term “Armyworm” comes due to the fact that they usually move in large numbers across a lawn and can devour almost every grass plant they reach. In southern states, their favorite grass is Bermuda and generally leave Centipede and St. Augustine untouched. Armyworms have a habit of crawling up on a grass blade during the day, looking like they are enjoying the sunshine. Actually, they are just eating the blade from the tip down, but it is an interesting site to see. Since they can move in such large […]

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My Lawn Has Dead Spots. What Do I Need To Do?

lawn spots

Visitors to the Spring-Green website, have the opportunity to send in their questions regarding lawn and landscape problems. In most cases, the questions are fairly specific when describing the problems that are being observed. Occasionally, a question comes in that is seeking information, but not enough information is provided to determine a possible cause. In other words, the question is, “My lawn has brown spots. What do I do?” This question needs more details. Want To Identify the Lawn Spots? It almost goes without saying that it is impossible to […]

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Sprinkler System Maintenance, What Should I Know?

sprinkler system

Many people use an automatic sprinkler system to water their lawn. For the most part, all one has to do is set the timer and the system will take care of the rest. For sprinkler systems that are located in the northern parts of the country, it is important to blow out the system in the fall with compressed air. This helps to remove water from the lines so freeze damage does not occur. It also means that the sprinkler system has to be turned on for the following spring, […]

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7 Tips for Reducing Tick and Flea Infestations

flea and tick

Fleas and ticks may pose potential harm to your family and pets as they are known to transmit several diseases, and some of them can be life-threatening. There are at least 19 diseases that can be transmitted by ticks to humans. Although fleas do not transmit as many diseases as ticks, they can be the source of 4 diseases that infect humans and pets. Tips for reducing tick and flea infestations: Maintain your lawn’s grass length: Fleas and ticks will hide in grass that is left too long. Keeping your […]

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Trying to Decide If You Want Monkey Grass?

monkey grass

One of the most popular landscape plants in many home landscape beds is Monkey Grass, but there are several species that all share similar features. They all grow in clumps, generally low-growing and are normally free of most insect and disease pests. Once established, the grass can grow for years without much care, but as it is said, one person’s desired plant is another person’s weed. You can cultivate it, but you can also eradicate it. Here are the basic differences between these ornamental grasses. Liriope Muscari (Monkey Grass) This […]

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Be Nice to Your Lawn and Have it Core Aerated

be nice to your lawn

Lawns around our houses, businesses, churches, hospitals or lawns that are used for sporting events, playgrounds or parks are not natural systems. Therefore, they need to be maintained in order to grow and stay healthy. Lawns that are not properly maintained are thin and usually full of weeds (not just dandelions). By caring for your lawn and ensuring it is growing well, you are making a big difference environmentally such as: Reducing pollution Preventing floods Providing oxygen Your lawn is a GREAT thing. The turfgrass varieties planted for lawns are great, but they […]

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What To Expect From Your Lawn Care Service

What should you expect from your lawn care company throughout the year? It seems like a fairly simple question, you expect that they will make your lawn green and weed-free. Caring for your lawn requires more than just fertilizer and weed control, it is based on a partnership between you and your lawn care company to make sure that your lawn stays healthy throughout the year. This partnership requires more than just an occasional lawn treatment. What you should expect from your lawn care company: Summary of Current Lawn Conditions Your lawn […]

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