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How To Keep Your Lawn Hydrated This Summer

Watering a lawn may not seem difficult, but with finicky summer weather, there are best practices that every homeowner should know. Get answers to common questions like, “What time of day should I water my lawn?”, “How much water does my lawn need?”, “How long should I water my lawn for?” and more. Enjoy your summer days outdoors with a lush, green lawn that has the perfect amount of hydration. Here’s what you need to know on how to properly water your lawn during the summer: Lawn Watering Tips Best […]

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How To Care For Your Holiday Poinsettias

Over 34 million poinsettias are sold each year making it the highest-selling flowering plant in the United States accounting for upwards of $144 million in revenue. For the curious out there, Easter Lilies are in a distant second place with $22 million dollars in sales. Let’s face it—the holidays just aren’t the same without these beauties strategically placed in our homes and communities. Many holiday enthusiasts are confused, however, about the best way to care for their holiday Poinsettias. The idea that poinsettias are hard to care for is a […]

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Fall Maintenance: Winterizing Your Lawn and Landscape

As fall gradually gives way to winter, it’s time to focus on winterizing your lawn and landscape. Properly winterizing your lawn and equipment is essential for long-lasting tools and a greener, fuller yard next year. Follow these six steps before the winter hits to extend the life and efficiency of your lawn equipment, better prepare your yard for a harsh winter season and limit your likeliness of weeds next spring when the growing season resumes. How to winterize your lawn and landscape 1. Provide complete fall maintenance for your lawn […]

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Fall Pruning Tips: How and When to Prune Trees

  Keeping up with your yard work on a yearly basis is key to a beautiful lawn and landscape. And knowing when to perform those tasks is even more essential to the health of your yard. One task that homeowners need to perform annually is pruning trees. Pruning trees not only improves plant health and overall aesthetics but also reduces the amount of dead or brittle branches, enriches tree structure and manages fruit or flower production. Take advantage of the cool fall weather this season to prune your trees. Before […]

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The Only Fall Lawn Care Checklist You’ll Need

When summer comes to a screeching halt, you’ll need to know how to care for your lawn this fall. Spring-Green, with decades of lawn expertise under their belt, put together the only fall Lawn care checklist you need. Why is Fall Lawn Care so important? That’s a common question homeowners ask us here at Spring-Green. We know it seems like a lot of work before the long, cold winter, but fall lawn care is extremely important, and here’s why. The process for a beautiful, green and lush summer lawn begins […]

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Fall Core Aeration and Seeding Tips

The season of pumpkin spice lattes and long sleeves is almost here. Yes, it’s almost fall. Your lawn has dealt with a hot summer that brought conditions that are often stressful. The good news is that cooler fall weather can create an optimal growing scenario for your lawn—if you follow these best practices for fall core aeration and seeding, that is. Be sure to adhere to Spring-Green’s tips to ensure your lawn is poised to thrive during the cold months ahead and all year round.   Why aerating and seeding […]

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How To Tell If Your Summer Lawn is dehydrated (and what to do about it).

In the heat of the summer, your lawn can suffer from dehydration under the sun’s oppressive glare. Not every brown spot, however, is dehydration. Knowing when your lawn is truly suffering from a lack of hydration and how to address the issue when it rears its ugly head is the challenge for many homeowners during the drier parts of the year when there is excessive sunlight and also when there are water restrictions in place. Your neighborhood lawn experts at Spring-Green are to help! We’ve compiled this mini-guide to help you:  […]

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Prepare your Shrubs and Trees for the End of Summer with Ease

  Before the fall temperatures move in, it is essential to prep and prepare your shrubs for the end of summer. While warm seasons can bring a lot of health for shrubs and trees, the heat of the summer months can require extra attention for most plants. From summer storms, pests, and potential diseases, your shrubs and trees can require more extensive care and prep for the end of summer care and the seasonal transitions.   Throughout history, droughts have destroyed many plants ahead of the fall transformation and plants going […]

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Tips To Fix Your Lawn During A Summer Drought

It’s almost inevitable. Summer arrives with scorching temps and lots of rain. But then the rain doesn’t always stay and drought conditions kick in. Lawn care becomes more complicated in an instant. Drought is more of a problem than ever before and worse in specific areas of the United States than others. Statistics estimate that 53 million people are living in drought-affected areas worldwide. More than 93 percent of the land area in Utah, Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico is in some level of drought while 69 percent of Utah is in severe drought, as is 61 […]

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