How to Protect Your Home from Insects This Winter

When we think of bug problems, we often think of summer with its mosquitos, ticks, fleas, ants and bees, but winter insect control is needed too. Keeping your home free of insects during cold weather is almost more important than during warmer months because your time is spent primarily indoors when things get frosty outside.

Learn about common winter pests and how you can stay bug-free throughout the chilly season.

Answering Your Top Questions About Winter Pest Control

  • What winter insects should I be worried about? The type of bugs to worry about during the winter months can vary from region to region. Here are some that are annoying just anywhere you hang your hat. The most common winter bugs are Indian Meal Moths and Carpet Beetles. Indian Meal Moths are found in kitchens and pantries. They’re especially attracted to grain and cereal products. Carpet Beetles seek food sources like silk, leather, wool, fur and hair. Carpet Beetles are commonly found in carpets, furniture, pillows, blankets and clothing.
  • What can I do to prevent a bug problem this winter? In all areas of pest control, prevention is the best strategy. A few simple steps can help you avoid a winter insect problem entirely:
    • Fill in cracks – Let’s face it—over time, cracks in the foundation of your home happen. Those cracks create portals for bugs to make the crossover into your home. This simple step can create a defense against unwanted visitors.
    • Clean up debris – Keeping the outdoor area of your home tidy may become less of a priority during winter with more indoor gatherings, but ensure to make time to clean up flower beds or anything covering your lawn. Winter insects find breeding grounds in your lawn’s debris, then make the easy trip into your home.
    • De-fruit your fruit trees – Most of the bounty from your fruit-bearing trees was consumed over the summer or fall months, but if not, that fruit could be attracting insects that can easily make an entrance into your home. Clean up the fruit from your trees to keep the pests away this winter.
    • Use window screens and seal doors – Cracking the windows during winter to let some cool airflow through is a common practice, especially when the heater is operating at full blast. Feel safe to air your home out as needed by ensuring you’re protected with window screens to keep out unwanted guests. It’s also an easy fix to check doors that need to be sealed. These do-it-yourself efforts can keep your home free from annoying bugs all year round.
    • Check shipped packages and shoes at the door – ‘Tis the season to get lots of packages at the door, but don’t let your delivered packages bring additional baggage from the outdoors. It’s also a good idea to institute a “boots off” policy to avoid the possibility of winter insects entering your home on footwear.

By following a simple list of do-it-yourself tasks, you may be able to help mitigate a bug problem. However, insects can still infest your home during the cold months of winter. To ensure you’re taking all precautions, learn about our pest control services and schedule an appointment today.