Spring-Green Lawn Care Plants Trees

Spring-Green donates $10,000 to plant trees

Happy Earth Day! We here at Spring-Green Lawn Care continue to give back in ways that beautify our community and bring joy and happiness to our neighbors.

How does Spring-Green give back?

Since 2010, Spring-Green has been donating $10,000 to Arbor Day Foundation each year for the planting of trees, totaling over 50,000 trees planted. Since 2010, the donations were allocated by Arbor Day Foundation towards the planting of trees in forests across the country, such as Florence County State Forest, Pere Marquette State Forest, Shawnee National Forest, Michigan State Forest, and Douglas County Forest. This year, however, the donation to plant trees will be allotted to Arbor Day Foundation’s Community Tree Recovery Program.

What is the Community Tree Recovery Program?

The Community Tree Recovery Program plants trees in areas that have been affected by natural disasters in areas all over the country. Arbor Day Foundation accepts donations and volunteers that will be used when needed. Currently, there are several campaigns in the works, and each tree is planted with the goal of bringing beauty, healing, and hope to communities that have been affected by natural disasters. Trees are planted along streets, parks, and yards.

Why Arbor Day Foundation?

Spring-Green chose to begin working with Arbor Day Foundation in 2010 because of their love of the outdoors and for greener, healthier lawns – which cannot be accomplished without trees. This year, however, Spring-Green wanted their donation to be applied specifically for communities in need, and Arbor Day Foundation was happy to do so. Spring-Green has local franchises in several areas affected by natural disasters, such as the Texas wildfires, the High Park Fire in Colorado, Kentucky tornadoes, the East Coast affected by Superstorm Sandy, and more.

“With the support of Spring-Green Lawn Care, the Arbor Day Foundation is helping communities affected by natural disaster to replant trees and in turn bring hope and healing back to the people of these communities” said Dan Lambe, President of the Arbor Day Foundation.

You can read more about the Community Tree Recovery Program’s current campaigns and how to donate, on Arbor Day Foundation’s website.

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