All The Tips To Keep Your Lawn Hydrated This Summer

lawn watering tips

Watering the lawn is not rocket science, but it sometimes feels like there’s a hidden formula to watering the lawn that only few among us know. Add to that the deluge of summer rains, droughts and/or water restrictions and homeowners are left wishing for winter.

Wait, what, no – we love summer, but just want to keep our lawn looking hydrated until the temperatures begin to drop. So, of course, cherish the hot and sultry days of summer and enjoy a lush, green lawn that has the perfect amount of hydration with no stress or confusion! July is SMART Irrigation month, so it’s the perfect time of year to gather up all the tips to keep our lawns watered and happy.

All Your Lawn Watering Tips In One Easy Guide

  1. Best Time of Day to Water Your Lawn. Much of the complexity of lawn watering stems from myths, fallacies and rumors spread by the well-meaning homeowners among us who probably heard things from their parents, friends or, dare we say it, the internet! Let’s dispel the myths and prove (or disprove) the rumors about when to water your lawn once and for all. Here’s your answer: it depends.

    As a general rule of thumb, that you can adjust based on where you live, the best time of day to water your lawn is when temperatures are at their lowest and even better if there is dew on the lawn. So, that probably translates into before the sun’s up and before the temps start to climb in the early part of the day or later in the day when the sun is down, and temps begin to lower.
  2. Optimal Lawn Watering Frequency. Next up on the most popular lawn watering tip list is watering frequency. Of course, this answer does depend on a myriad of variables, but here are some watering guidelines you can follow to keep your lawn hydrated and looking great this summer. As a rule of thumb, two to three times per week is a good frequency for watering your lawn.

    However, if you have had a pattern of rain or a drought, this frequency might need to be adjusted. Also, keep in mind that watering your lawn regularly creates a shallow root system that allows your lawn to be more resilient during weather fluctuations as well as more resistant to resistant to disease.
  3. Length Of Time To Water. So, how long should I leave my sprinklers on? An obvious next question. Don’t worry, we’ve got that one fielded as well. Be sure to calculate your local precipitation levels, but in general, you’ll keep your lawn healthy with approximately one inch of water per week. This will vary depending on your lawn size, but could for an average lawn it might translate into three ten minute sessions per week.
  4. Tips For The Hose Versus Sprinkler. If the lawn you are caring for is very small, a hose might do the trick, but for most homeowners, the sprinkler is more effective and more convenient. By installing sprinklers that are turned on by a timer, you won’t run the risk of forgetting to water and can even set them to come on at times that you might be sleeping or otherwise busy.
  5. Lawn Watering Tips During Drought. Water shortages and drought are more common than ever before. It’s important to follow your municipality’s guidelines for water usage, but trying to keep your lawn healthy at the same time can be challenging.

In some cases, your only option may be to let your grass go dormant. But in it’s possible you can choose types of grasses that can survive tough conditions like Zoysia grass, Bermuda grass, St Augustine grass, buffalo grass, Bahia grass and Fescues.

Understanding how to water your lawn effectively can be challenging, but if you follow a few rules of thumb, your lawn should be looking green and lush all summer long. Of course, the best way to keep your lawn green and lush is the find the perfect amount of hydration to keep it moist, improve the quality of the soil and retain some of the moisture even when the temps heat up.

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