Last-Minute Holiday Gifts Right From Your Front Yard

No matter how detailed the list, things fall through and you forget that special someone’s gift. At Spring-Green, we know preparing for the holidays can be stressful and time-consuming. Make your life easier with these last-minute gift ideas, using tree limbs from your front yard. Those fallen branches you meant to clean up before guests arrive, can be turned in to one of the most memorable gifts you can give all year. There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating thoughtful holiday gifts from nature. Here are Spring-Green’s ideas for a last-minute holiday gift.

What gifts can I make last minute for the holidays?

The Holiday Ornament – Create a cherished memory for years to come with a wooden holiday ornament. Find a broken or dead branch thick enough to slice into a sliver the size of your palm. Be safe and take an object to create a small hole at the top. Tie a decorative string through the hole. Once cut to the perfect size, seal the wood with varnish, epoxy, or paint of your choosing. From here, you can add a photo, phrase, or a unique design. Your options are limitless; your creativity should not be defined. 

The Holiday Frame – Memories deserve to be captured and framed. So, why not turn that into a gift? You can start by collecting a variety of fallen limbs and twigs. Once you have collected the wooden piece you will use, it is time to break them. Start by drawing the desired shape of the frame on a piece of paper. Begin to snap your branches/twigs to form a pattern that matches your frame shape. With the frame being shaped out, you can start hot gluing all the pieces together. Once your pieces are all put together, you can paint, glitter, or even stain your frame to your liking.   

The Holiday Candle Holder – Grab a holiday candle and make it a budget-friendly gift with a little holiday spirit. Take your twigs/limbs and break them all to a similar height as your candle. Take your hot glue gun and begin gluing the sticks to the outside of the candle jar. Once you have created a nice base, fill in any empty spots with smaller sticks. Finish off your design with a festive ribbon or string!  

Regardless of how you celebrate, the holidays are a special time. In all the hustle and bustle of preparing for family, gathering gifts, or buying food it is easy to forget a thing or two. Celebrate your holiday season with a few handmade gifts that are budget-friendly and with a purpose in mind. At Spring-Green, we understand what it means to give with a purpose in mind. We tailor our services to the needs of your specific lawn. No more trial and error, we create a program just for you. Learn more about our services by going to