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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Test Your Green Industry IQ

If you consider yourself an expert in the green industry, you’ll enjoy taking this quick quiz to test your knowledge. The answer key is as the bottom so you can quickly check your answers. Having a deep understanding of lawn, tree and plant care is critical to being a successful green industry professional. Your residential and commercial customers depend on you to provide them the best service and advice possible for their lawn care needs. If you have any questions that are stumping you, no pun intended, be sure and […]

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10 Advantages of Owning Your Own Franchise

10 advantages of owning a franchise

If you are thinking about taking the big step of going into business for yourself, or if you have an existing business that you’re looking to grow, then you should consider franchise ownership. Becoming a franchise owner is an often overlooked option for many business owners, but it is a great option with many associated benefits. The first step is to research different franchise operations that would interest you. Then, ask questions, and remember to keep an open mind. You might discover that becoming a franchise owner is a perfect […]

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business Owners

New Year's resolutions for small businesses

As 2015 begins, it’s time to start fresh, and just like last year, you’re thinking about your new goals as a small business owner. As you do, it helps to make a list of what went well for you last year and what problems you encountered. Applaud yourself on your successes, but think hard about your struggles and mishaps – You have a whole new year to improve and grow. Here are five achievable New Year’s resolutions for any small business owner to work towards. 1. Make Customer Service Your […]

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