“Investing in your Success”

How We Set You Up for Success

Among the most important tools any new business owner is armed with is knowledge. Spring-Green Lawn Care takes pride in the exceptional standard of service its many franchisees provide to their community and consider every new owner to be an investment. In order to make sure franchisees are starting in the best place possible, Spring-Green gives every new owner support through our Manager Training Program.

The training program is a two-pronged approach to new owner support: initial start-up support and ongoing operational support. We know there are many facets of a lawn and tree care business you’ll learn during the first few years of operating, and not all of those things have to do with grass and trees! First, our initial training program at the Spring-Green national support center takes all new owners through a crash course of topics ranging from how to forecast to what kinds of lawn and tree care treatments are appropriate for your area of the country. Then a support team member spends a week with you for hands-on, in-field training to help with staff development, computer support and in-field marketing support. Daily communication, conference calls with your peers and multiple field visits are standard in your first and second years of ownership.

Once you’ve learned the fundamentals, we shift our focus to ongoing support. The transition makes sense because your goals shift from simply getting customers and completing work to learning how to build a winning Spring-Green team and managing the business for growth and profitability. The ongoing support we offer in hiring and staff development, technology, marketing, financial support, equipment support and agronomic support is fundamental to helping Spring-Green owners continue to grow and expand their businesses in their communities. The lawn and tree care business is constantly changing, and we are committed to helping all of our business owners maintain the most up-to-date knowledge for the greatest success.

We also know that our owners can and do learn as much from each other as they can learn from our centralized support programs, so we offer many opportunities throughout the year for franchise owners to attend regional and national meetings so they can meet with their peers and discuss relevant topics surrounding the  Spring-Green business. We facilitate these meetings, but feedback from our owners is crucial in helping shape the agenda.

Our comprehensive manager training program makes it easy for anyone to start a Spring-Green franchise. Consider owning one of your own!