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Social Recruiting: Is Facebook Your Best Tool To Recruit Employees?

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The job market is becoming increasingly competitive. With unemployment rates the lowest they’ve been in decades, recruiting top quality candidates has become increasingly difficult for businesses in nearly all industries. Because of this challenge, along with the pervasiveness of social media in today’s society, businesses have found a new outlet to connect with potential new employees on Facebook.

Facebook, with 2.41 billion users, offers vast potential as a channel to tap into candidates actively seeking employment as well as the harder-to-reach talent that isn’t looking but might consider making a move for the right reason. If your business is growing and looking for a recruiting edge, Facebook just might be the place where you’ll find your next A-player. Here’s what you need to take your recruiting on to social media.

How To Recruit Your A-Team On Facebook:

  • Show your personality. Top employees are looking for companies with above-average cultures. In some cases, top talent is looking at the company culture even above traditional aspects like salary. By showcasing your company’s strong culture on social media, you might attract the attention of potential employees who are worried about more than just earning a paycheck. To demo your company culture, you can post events, perks, promotions and team member spotlights to help the outsider get a glimpse of what it’s like to work for you.
  • Keep the information flowing. Keeping a regular schedule of posts related to your business activity can help potential candidates understand the business. It’s this kind of consistent information that helps businesses capture the attention of social media users that might be interested in making a move, for the right brand.
  • Empower your top team members. Your strongest brand advocates might be already working for you. Empower key members of your team to share the word about how amazing your business is doing as well as what it’s like to be a top team member. This type of organic content not only helps promote the benefits of working for your business from the mouth of an employee but also allows you to tap into a wider audience.
  • Target your future employees. Facebook allows you to target personas that match your target candidate. Facebook’s demographic targeting is extremely granular, making it easy for businesses to drill down on users with very specific skills and demographic data. Once you’ve created your own audience, you can create a lookalike group to potentially top candidates.
  • Don’t skimp on the messaging and images. Many companies that are seeking to amp up their recruiting efforts through the use of Facebook make a common mistake. They are in such a fervor to get posting on social media, they neglect the importance of quality. Your social media content (including images) should be of engaging, interesting and error-free. Remember, the old adage – you only get one chance at a first impression.
  • Stay on top of your messages. Once you begin your Facebook recruiting efforts, it’s critical that you watch for messages from potential applicants. They might comment on your post or send you a direct message, but either way, they expect a timely, professional reply. Don’t miss out on a top candidate because your Facebook communication is delayed, unprofessional or inaccurate.
  • Tap into all Facebook recruiting has to offer. By connecting with potential new employees on Facebook, you’ll gain access into their personal lifestyle that you would not automatically have otherwise. You can check out who they are by pursuing their accounts and assessing their communication style via social media. In addition, you can use tools like video to get to know the candidate quicker and in a deeper way.

With the unemployment rates at all-time lows, finding new ways to recruit as your business grows in an imperative. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are all places to consider as you ramp up your employee recruiting efforts. It is important to consider your target audience as you find the social media platform that suits your needs most accurately.

For example, millennials, the largest growing segment of the workforce, has been shown to prefer Instagram as a social media platform as compared to Facebook. Facebook, however, with its 2.41 billion user base, is hard to ignore when you are trying to attract new talent with the use of social media. Your social media recruiting success lies in following these best practices.

Support On Social Recruiting

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