“Investing in your Success”

Spring-Green franchise owners, Ruffner and Freund Renew for Another 10 Years

Spring-Green is pleased to announce Don and Cheryl Ruffner (Kersey, Pennsylvania), and Roland and Julie Freund (The Woodlands, Texas) have each signed to extend their lawn care franchise for another 10 years.

“Spring-Green is excited to extend the relationship with these two strategic partners. When a partnership is working, both parties are interested to see the relationship continue,” said James Young, president of Spring-Green. “Collectively, both franchises have existed in those markets for 30 years and that means a lot to the Spring-Green brand. The only way that happens is with a strong strategic partner in the local market, and that is exactly what we have in both of these husband and wife teams.”

As 30-year veterans with Spring-Green servicing the St. Marys, Kersey and DuBois areas of Pennsylvania, Cheryl and Don Ruffner point to one key factor that has been the backbone of their lawn care franchise partnership with Spring-Green. “They are a company with genuine people who truly believe in integrity,” said Cheryl Ruffner. “For a company that size, Spring-Green is very honest and transparent. It’s refreshing and the reason we’ve been with them for all these years.”

Roland and Julie Freund, who service The Woodlands, Spring and Tomball areas of Texas, not only acknowledge the importance of transparency, but also the amount of support that Spring-Green provides its lawn care franchise owners. “We have benefitted not only from the support services from a franchisor level, but also other Spring-Green franchise owners,” said Roland. “There is an emotional satisfaction of having the ability to operate as a family-based, locally owned operation and seeing our business continue to grow.”

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