“Investing in your Success”

Spring-Green Lawn Care Gets Ready for Sweet 16

Creating a solid business plan is the first step toward success in your business venture, much like winning a college basketball championship requires a lot of planning and execution. As the NCAA and college basketball fans across the nation get ready for the Sweet 16, Spring-Green Lawn Care is also preparing for our busiest season.

Pre-season … Consider it the preparation period for basketball programs across the country as they get ready for a grueling season leading up to conference and national tournaments. In our business, this same time period is better-known as the off-season for green industry businesses and franchise owners, and it’s is a great time for franchise owners to take advantage of not needing to be in the field and, instead, making business decisions and marketing plans for spring.

The execution of the business planning and marketing support offered by the Spring-Green corporate support center helps support a successful, profitable season for our franchise owners, much like hard work and practice could lead to a good run in college basketball and a chance at a conference or national title.

Factors to consider when planning the final part of your business plan are start-up expenses operating expenses, cash flow and future profitability.

With March Madness nearly coming to an end, we’re proud to announce we have franchise owners in eight of the states currently in the Sweet 16 including Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Michigan, Wisconsin, Texas, Iowa and Virginia. Who are you rooting for to make it into the next bracket?