“Investing in your Success”

Spring-Green Lawn Care Wishes You a Happy Labor Day!

Spring-Green Lawn Care wishes all of its customers—and our support center employees—a very happy Labor Day. Did you know the Labor Day holiday was first created at the turn of the 20th century in order to recognize the social and economic contributions of American workers to all our lives, every day? All of us at Spring-Green not only appreciate all those contributions, but are proud to make them ourselves. Our franchise owners, employees and the communities we serve know how hard we work, and how proud we are of what we do.

The long weekend gives us a moment to reflect upon the relationship between our workers and our communities. At Spring-Green, our franchise owners are able to do more than provide excellent lawn and tree care services to the residents and businesses in their community, they are also able to set their own schedules in order to maintain a high quality of life for all their employees. The flexibility of owning and running their own businesses means our owners and their employees are also coaches, community leaders, parents and spouses.

As you enjoy your Labor Day celebrations with family, friends and neighbors on beautiful lawns across the country, we hope you have a thought for the Spring-Green franchise in your neighborhood. And if there isn’t a local Spring-Green franchise in your area, perhaps this Labor Day is the right time to consider buying your own.