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Marketing on a Budget: 10 Zero Cost Marketing Ideas

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There is a lot of information related to free or low cost marketing ideas, but it’s hard to choose which one since there are hundreds of great ideas available online. The most popular types of no cost marketing strategies and tactics comes through social media and your local newspaper.

Here are 10 zero cost marketing ideas to save you some money if you are on a budget:

1. Social media: Most people are online and it’s easy to learn how to use social media platforms. Figure out what channels your ideal clients use on a regular basis and create a profile on that site. Post pictures, lawn and landscape tips or articles and other property enhancing ideas – it’s free and functions as your content marketing strategy.

2. Video blogging – vlogging: Video blogging appeals to certain customers. If you’re not a wordsmith, you can easily shoot or create a video with your smartphone and make the video meaningful advertise to your audience. For example, show what healthy soil looks like, shoot different types of mulch, and take your audience through a landscape design/build project from start to finish. This is a great way to promote your business and provides visuals of your services to consumers – all below your budget.

3. Take before and after pictures of some of your best projects: If you design and build ponds, patios and backyard rooms, take pictures of the backyard without the feature and then take after pictures of the completed project. Post the photos on your social media platforms. This serves as free advertising for your business as people can view and share your content with others online.

4. Cross-promoting with other businesses: Partner with similar or small businesses in your community to cross-promote your services in the industry. For example, if you’re an irrigation company, you can share marketing tactics with a lawn care or a landscape company in your city by placing their logo on your website or writing a blog about their services. And they, in turn, would promote your company on their social media platforms and website.

5. Local Newspapers and Reporters: Most cities have supplements in their local newspaper for home and garden, outdoor living, senior living, etc. If your local paper offers this type of free supplement, let the special features editor know you’d be interested in talking to one of their reporters. Many times, these are simple lawn care and landscaping tips for DIYers―and you can give them solid advice on beautifying their properties. You never know―they may call you to schedule service.

6. Upsell your services: You can always remind your current customers to invest in other lawn care and landscape services you provide. If you’re landscape contractor, for instance, you can upsell enhancements to make your customer’s outdoor living include an outdoor kitchen to go with their new flagstone patio. Always leave a business card so customers can get a hold of you in the future.

7. Networking with homeowners and other prospects: Be available to participate or network with homeowners and other prospects or clients. You can donate your time by participating in events such as giving a talk to senior citizens on raised garden beds or you can work with a Boy Scout earning his Eagle badge by donating materials to his project. This is a great way to support your local community all while getting to know the market.

8. Run contests: Post a contest on your Facebook page for the biggest sunflower, guess the yards of mulch and what kind of plant is this? Give an award—like free weed fertilization—for winning the contest. Contests approach customers in a fun and interactive way, and is a good idea to help promote and advertise your business.

9. Build a referral program: You can offer thank you gifts to clients who refer customers to your business. Offer a free mow or a free bag of mulch for a referral who signs up for one of your lawn treatment programs or other sales. A referral program serves as free marketing as you are letting customers bring new clients to your business.

10. Talk to your fans: Upload pictures of you and your staff engaging with the community, thank followers for sharing your content and ask for reviews from happy customers. Online reviews are free for customers to complete and are an important piece to your marketing strategy. Reviews serve as a personal recommendation to many people online as consumers are searching for your services.

There are many zero cost and free marketing ideas that you can incorporate into your lawn and landscaping business. Instead of money, they may cost you a little time and personal effort. Create a content marketing calendar or write down ideas to help promote your work. Learn other tips for growing your green service business.

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