“Investing in your Success”

Barry Robinson

“The biggest advantage is the marketing. That’s what we weren’t able to do effectively on our own.”

Barry Robinson
Owner CSI Home and Commercial Services and Spring-Green
Fredericksburg, VA

Green Industry Partner




Barry Robinson, owner of CSI Home and Commercial Services in Fredericksburg, Virginia, freely admits that after 40 years in business managing people he thought he knew it all. He had been able to grow his home inspection business on his own through referrals and educating the real estate professionals, as well as becoming a certified instructor in those areas.

But the lawn care side of his business proved to be a bigger challenge. Robinson even hired a marketing firm and staff to try and expand that area of his business, but success still eluded him. However, despite his struggles, a franchise wasn’t really on his radar.

Then Spring-Green reached out to him.

“A Spring-Green support staff member called and asked if I would be interested in purchasing some lawn accounts in the Stafford area. I had not considered a franchise at that point and didn’t really feel that I needed one, but I was interested in those accounts because I had not been highly successful in growing the lawn care end of the business.”

To learn more, he attended the Spring-Green National Training Conference. “I sat around and listened to people talk,” he recalled. “And the kind of problems that they were relating were growth problems. I wished I had that kind of problem—having new customers I have to figure out what to do with.”

At this point, Robinson had spent some time investigating other franchise models to decide if becoming a franchise owner was right for him. What finally tipped him toward Spring-Green was the in-depth knowledge and guidance offered. “I got the sense that there was a lot more support and a lot more positive energy around Spring-Green,” he said.

Marketing is hard, but Spring-Green makes it easier. Learn how in Barry Robinson’s video or his owner profile, and get started on your new path to success today.

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