“Investing in your Success”

Jason Vahle

“People ask, ‘How big do you want to get?’ I say ‘I’ll know that when I’m big enough.’”

Jason Vahle
Owner of Green Thumb Lawn Care ‘n’ Landscape and Spring-Green
St. Charles, MO

Green Industry Partner




One of the ways Spring-Green holds itself to a higher standard is by offering not only the initial support new franchise owners need, but also the ongoing assistance that allows them to succeed. Jason Vahle, owner of Green Thumb Lawn Care ‘n’ Landscape and a Spring-Green Lawn Care franchise in St. Charles, Missouri, has learned firsthand how that level of support makes a difference.

Vahle’s business had been growing steadily since he started in 2005, but he was looking for a way to take his operation to the next level. A Spring-Green franchise seemed to be the answer—from the technology platform offered to the structure of support provided to franchise owners.

“The backbone of their networking—from the call center to the marketing infrastructure, to the digital triggers and the support staff they have in place—was all impressive,” Vahle said. “To attain that myself, on my own, would take 30 years. I don’t want to wait 30 years. It became clear to me very quickly that Spring-Green would get me from point A to point B a lot faster.”

While Vahle’s two companies operate independently, the buying power that Spring-Green affords him improved his bottom line almost immediately. During his first year with Spring-Green, he saved enough on products to cover his franchise fees and make a profit on material costs.

But perhaps most importantly, it is the satisfaction his customers report that has made becoming a Spring-Green franchise so beneficial. “Most customers are one-stop shoppers, so they like that we can do everything for them. It gives them peace of mind that I now can add the services that Spring-Green offers.”

Check out Vahle’s video or read his owner profile to learn more about how Spring-Green can assist you in building a business that will help achieve your goals and dreams.

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