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Franchise Training: Spring-Green’s Professional Development Seminars

Spring-Green Franchise Professional Development

From the desk of Harold Enger, Spring-Green’s Director of Education

At the start of the new lawn care season, I travel to 17 regional locations across the US, where I conduct professional development seminars (part of our continued franchise training) for the employees of the Spring-Green franchise owners within those areas. I cover business issues and various technical topics, such as eliminating invasive weeds, protecting pollinators, and dealing with turf diseases.

This year, as part of our professional development franchise training, I’ll also be demonstrating the use and care of the new Gregson-Clark injection system that we are installing on our service vehicles, which will allow for targeted applications of pest control products. And, to keep spirits high, we always end the day with a fun game.

I have conducted these professional development seminars since 1998, and it is encouraging to see the attendance increase every year. I enjoy seeing several of the same team members return year after year, as well as the many new employees who attend. They enjoy coming to the seminars not only to learn, but to also renew old friendships (and make new ones) with their peers from other locations.

I am proud of the fact that the people who work for Spring-Green are very dedicated to their jobs and are focused on the customers that they service. By traveling to these professional development seminars, the employees demonstrate their true commitment and passion for providing the best services available. Spring-Green understands the value of having well-trained people working with our customers, and to provide anything less would be a disservice to them.

Properly caring for lawns and landscapes requires both skills and knowledge, and being able to provide this information to our franchise employees is an honor for me. It is my favorite time of the year, as I get to have great discussions with the men and women who work directly with our customers. They really do enjoy what they do, and I do, too.

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