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Broadleaf Weed Control – Lawn Talk Podcast

Learn more about the impact broadleaf weed control can have on your lawn.

Plugs from aeration, leaving lawn ready for seeding

Core Aeration – Lawn Talk Podcast

Core aeration (or “core cultivation”) keeps your lawn healthy and thick. Find out more about how the process works by listening to this Lawn Talk podcast.

Crabgrass Control – Lawn Talk Podcast

Is your lawn full of crabgrass? Learn more about identifying and treating crabgrass in your landscape.

Crane Fly Larvae – Lawn Talk Podcast

Crane fly larvae can be a serious issue for your lawn, especially if you live in the Pacific Northwest. Find out what you can do to control the crane fly population in your lawn.

Disease Control – Lawn Talk Podcast

Have you considered lawn disease treatment for your lawn? Find out if your lawn is a good fit and what’s involved in the treatment process.

A Midwest lawn after light snow fall

End of Year Lawn Care – Lawn Talk Podcast

Learn more about what’s important to take care of in your lawn before the depth of winter sets in. Listen to our year-end lawn care podcast.

Fall Lawn Care – Lawn Talk Podcast

Fall is a crucial time to complete annual lawn care tasks. Listen to Spring-Green’s Fall Lawn Care Lawn Talk podcast to learn more.

Insect Control – Lawn Talk Podcast

Are insects damaging your lawn? Learn the telltale signs of grubs, larva and other insects and how insect control treatment can help.

Lime Application – Lawn Talk Podcast

Depending on the acidity of your soil, applying a lime treatment may be greatly beneficial to your lawn. Find out if your lawn is a good fit for lime treatment.

Moss Control – Lawn Talk Podcast

The Pacific Northwest faces some unique issues when it comes to moss given weather conditions in the region. Find out more about what you can do to remove and control moss.

Spraying around house for pests

Perimeter Pest Control – Lawn Talk Podcast

Learn how perimeter pest control can help keep insects out of your home and what’s involved in the process.

Tree and Shrub Care – Lawn Talk Podcast

Wondering what’s crucial when it comes to tree and shrub care? Find out more about the importance of caring for the ornamental plants in your landscape.