Terms Of Service

Updated March 2020.

By hiring Superior Lawns, Inc., an independently operated Spring Green business (“us,” “we” or “our”) to provide certain services, you agree to the following terms of service (“Terms”) that govern the sales and services provided by us (“Services”). If you have questions regarding these terms, please send an email to chiwebpest@spring-green.com, call us at (888)-838-8704 or write to us at Spring Green Lawn and Pest, P. O. Box 1529 Plainfield, Illinois 60544.

Customer cooperation in the repair or elimination of conditions conducive to pest infestation is essential to an effective pest control program. The Customer agrees to follow, to the best of their ability, all recommendations specified in the inspection report and/or periodic work orders, and generally accepts responsibility for making timely repairs necessary to eliminate conditions conducive to pests. Many factors can influence the likelihood of pests entering and infesting a home, including but not limited to, general housekeeping practices, condition of windows and screens, time of calendar year and outdoor conditions and temperatures, upkeep and condition of trees and landscape plants, or incorrect self-treatment of past pest issues. These factors as well as others can have a negative impact on the effectiveness of pest control efforts, even when treated with quality control products or when beneficial services have been contracted and completed.

We may amend the Terms from time to time. Amendments will be effective upon our posting of such updated Terms to our website or sending you notice of the updated Terms via email. Your continued use of our Services shall constitute acceptance to any changes to the Terms.

Below are the Terms of our Services:

Total Home Pest Control Services

Our Insect Treatment & Related Services include: Total home pest control services, flea and tick control, mosquito control, and perimeter pest control.*

Guarantee – As a Spring Green customer using our Total Home Pest Control Services, we guarantee your reasonable satisfaction regarding our Services; however, no insect or related service can eliminate 100% of pests. Even if we perform our Services in accordance with the Spring Green standards and specifications, you may still have pests in the areas serviced. In the event you are not satisfied with the Services performed by the field technicians, please notify us in writing within thirty (30) of the date the Services were performed. After we review your written complaint, we may attempt to re-perform the requested Services to gain your reasonable satisfaction. If you are not satisfied after our second attempt of the requested Services, we may refund the cost of the Services, as indicated below.

  • Quality – We use a variety of methods and professional grade products to ensure that the interior and exterior of your home remain pest free, and allow you to enjoy your living spaces.
  • Service – We provide licensed, trained, and knowledgeable field technicians that will treat your home and property as their own.
  • Refund – At our discretion, we will promptly refund services which do not meet our customers’ reasonable satisfaction.
  • Liability – We represent and warrant that we and all of our technicians have obtained all required licenses, permits and insurance and are compliant with all applicable laws in connection with providing pest control services to you. Other than our guarantee described above, we do not assume any liability of any claims pursuant to the services performed by us or our representatives.

*All Services may not be available in your market

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Founded in Naperville, Illinois, in January 1977, Spring Green is a neighborhood-based lawn, tree care, and pest control service company. Today our organization services over 7,500 neighborhood communities around the country.

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