Are those brown spots on your lawn continuing to grow? You could be dealing with a serious problem known as Brown Patch Lawn Disease. Act before it’s too late—learn more about Spring-Green’s Brown Patch Preventer Program. We’ll work with you to prevent a variety of grass diseases.

  • Minimizes lawn damage
  • Thicker, greener lawn

Tall Fescue lawns are extremely susceptible to the deadly disease called “Brown Patch”. Usually, this disease is mistaken for heat or drought stress, but it is quite different. Here are some of the 3 warning signs you should not ignore:

  1. Extended periods of hot, humid weather
  2. Irregular, water-soaked and sometimes brown-rimmed spots on grass blades
  3. Areas that look “drought stressed” or “under-watered”

Lawns that are watered in the late afternoon or early evening are more susceptible to the disease. Spring-Green’s Brown Patch Preventer program can help save your lawn from costly renovation. If you suspect brown patch, contact your local Spring-Green professional immediately. If you are familiar with the warning signs and act quickly, it won’t be too late to save your lawn from this devastating disease.

Take a moment to look over our lawn disease resources to make sure you’re fully informed on the danger of Brown Patch and other damaging lawn diseases. Then contact your neighborhood Spring-Green Lawn Care professional to schedule the lawn service necessary to upholding your lawn’s healthy look.

Don’t forget to listen to our lawn disease podcast below that talks about the characteristics and dangers of Brown Patch!

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