Controlling Fire Ants is often a larger task than most homeowners can handle. This is especially true when the infestation is extensive. With Spring-Green’s Fire Ant Control Program you can be more at ease when in your yard. As it is not possible to completely eliminate them, the goal is to manage their activity and reduce the problems associated with them.

  • Manages activity and reduces foraging
  • Less chance of painful stings when mound is disrupted
  • No unsightly mound construction in lawn

Fire Ants can be identified by their reddish color and small size (1/8 to 1/4“long). Most people identify them by their fiery sting that will result in a small bump or pustule on the skin. They will rapidly swarm around the mound if it is disturbed in an effort to protect their queen.

Besides their fiery sting, Fire Ants will cause other problems. They will construct a mound that can be up to 3 feet tall or larger. These mounds can disrupt mowing or other types of maintenance practices.

Fire Ants are a pest problem that has become a part of life in many southern states like Georgia, Alabama, Oklahoma, North and South Carolina and others. Complete eradication is impossible. The goal is to manage their activity and reduce the problems and annoyances associated with their foraging and nest-building.

Your Spring-Green professional is trained and licensed to apply fire ant control products. Contact your neighborhood Spring-Green lawn care professional today.

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