Have more fun outdoors without being bothered by pesky mosquitoes. Spring-Green’s mosquito protection services creates a barrier around your home to control their activity, leaving you free to spend more time in your yard without the extra worry.

  • Creates a barrier to knockdown and control mosquitoes
  • Enjoy your outdoor space any time of the day
  • Long lasting relief from biting and sucking insects

Our affordable mosquito protection service provides quick knock-down and long-lasting relief from mosquito activity around your yard. We’ll make the hours you spend outside more enjoyable!

Spring-Green’s mosquito protection will create a barrier around your home. This will control mosquitoes within the property and prevents re-infestation by treating the natural vegetation around the house.

Check out this infographic that shows the lifecycle of mosquitoes and how to prevent them from taking over your yard.


When summer’s just around the corner, mosquitoes can’t be far behind – that’s why you need lawn care services that work. Your local Spring-Green professional is trained and licensed to apply mosquito control products.

Contact your neighborhood Spring-Green Lawn Care professional today to schedule this routine yard service, and others.

Check out our this mosquito video to learn more about protecting your home from this annoying pest.

Not all Spring-Green services may be available in your area. Contact your local Spring-Green office for details.

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