Keep your ornamental beds looking their best through specialized weed control services for landscape beds. Spring-Green’s weed prevention and control services eliminate the need for tedious hand weeding and promote more vibrant ornamental beds free of unwanted plants and weeds.

  • Helps prevent weed germination and controls existing weeds
  • More manicured landscape appearance
  • Reduced owner weed maintenance

If your landscape includes ornamental beds, Spring-Green can provide the care you need to keep them looking their best and eliminate the need for hand weeding. Our weed prevention and control program utilizes pre- and post-emergent control materials and specialized equipment to control broadleaf and grassy weeds, without harming established shrubs and ornamentals plants.

For maximum benefit, a full program consisting of 4 visits is recommended to maintain a weed-free landscape. In ornamental beds that are heavily infested with weeds, several visits will be necessary before adequate control is achieved.

Your Spring-Green professional is trained and licensed to apply ornamental bed weed control products. You’re in control of the beauty of your landscape – so invest in the best. Contact your neighborhood Spring-Green Lawn Care professional today to schedule one of our total lawn care services. Not only do we provide routine weed control services, but Spring-Green showcases a variety of other yard care options, as well.

Be sure to listen to our podcast below that touches on Ornamental Bed Weed Control service, and utilize our lawn care resources to keep your lawn looking its best.

Please visit your local independently operated Spring-Green Lawn Care business’s Terms of Service page for complete terms of service details.

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