Prevent insects and other intruders from entering your home with Spring-Green’s Perimeter Pest Control service. We create a barrier around your home that eliminates any pests, on contact, that attempt to cross it.

  • Applications are timed to provide season long control when insect are most active
  • Keeps the insects out of your home

The perfect place for a bug or insect to nest is the foundation of your home. Plants, shrubs, mulch and other foundation features add beauty to your home, but they can also be an ideal location for creepy-crawly life forms to populate. That’s why Spring-Green provides yard services specific to pest control.

It doesn’t take long for these critters to get the urge to move to more comfortable living quarters inside your home. Your home offers all the amenities – food, water, shelter, warmth and protection – that these pests find attractive.

Spring-Green’s Perimeter Pest Control program establishes a barrier around the outside of your home. Ants, spiders, silverfish, earwigs and their friends that attempt to cross this barrier are wiped out on contact and our program is timed to provide season long protection.

Your Spring-Green professional is trained and licensed to apply Perimeter Pest Control products. To schedule a time for a professional to take care of the crawling creatures around your yard, contact your neighborhood Spring-Green lawn care professional today. Spring-Green also provides a variety of other lawn care services to help home owners maintain the health of their home.

Listen to our Perimeter Pest Control podcast below and browse our insect control tips to ensure you’re doing what you can to control the problem on your own.

Please visit your local independently operated Spring-Green Lawn Care business’s Terms of Service page for complete terms of service details.

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