Many of the plants that make up a home landscape are not native to the area in which they are placed. In order to develop into strong, healthy and attractive plants, they often need additional nutrients to promote growth and vigor. Large, well-established, healthy trees may not need much in the way of supplemental fertilization. While smaller trees and shrubs will become healthier plants and more resistant to disease and insect infestations when they receive the proper nutrients applied where it is needed the most – in the root zone.

  • Delivers important nutrients into the plant
  • Helps plants survive during periods of stress

Spring-Green utilizes a deep root feeding method of pressurized soil injection to deliver important nutrients into the plant’s root zone. The goal is to develop the feeder roots that are vital in helping the plant to survive during periods of stress. A healthy plant needs a healthy root system to survive. Looking for even better protection for your trees? Check out our 2-Step Tree Program.

Your landscape represents a large investment and you need to protect that investment. Ideally, root feeding should be completed twice per year – in spring and fall. This will help keep your landscape attractive and healthy. Find more tips on fertilizing and maintaining your trees and shrubs, and take a moment to view our full list of shrub and tree care services.

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